5 Apps That Will Make Your Tuscan Adventure Easier And More Enjoyable

Thursday, February 27, 2014

To Tuscany 2011 photocompetition entry - Alain Hyron
It seems that these days we are never too far removed from our mobile phones. We use them at work (even when we are not supposed to), we use them whilst walking down the street and even when they are sitting on the end of the sofa we can’t go two minutes without taking a quick glance to see how much the world has changed in those short moments. And this also extends to our holidays. These used to represent a time when all devices could be turned off in search of relaxation and total removal from your day to day routine, but these days our phones are with us every step of the way.
So if you are going to have your phone strapped to you at all times whilst you stay in one of our fantastic Tuscan villas; then at least make the most of it by downloading some of these helpful and handy apps. Oh, and make sure you check the charges of using your phone abroad with your provider; otherwise you could return to an astronomical bill.

Gate Guru –
Gate Guru is free to download on the IPhone as well as any Android or Windows phone and could quite possibly be all you need to get you from your home to your holiday destination. It gives you space to store all your flight information as well as an itinerary for the whole holiday if you have more than sitting by the pool planned. It also provides information about where you can pick up a hire car and where the local amenities are on your way to your villa. Once you’ve arrived you can then look back at the stats that it provides about your journey and marvel at just how far you’ve come; literally.

XE Currency –
There are plenty of converting apps on the market but this one seems the most comprehensive. With the latest conversion rates and any currency you could ever wish for at your disposal you can track your spending on holiday and avoid going over budget purely because you’re not sure exactly how much you’re parting with.

Field Trip –
This great app is available on the IPhone and any Android for free and is the best way to find interesting and exciting things to do whilst you’re away. Set the app running in the background and when you happen to walk into an area where something quirky or fun is happening you will receive a notification telling you all about it. You could be walking right past something really interesting and you wouldn’t even know it without this app.

Photosynth –
This is one of the leading photo apps on the IPhone and Windows phone. Most of us know about Instagram but this application is the perfect way to capture the amazing Tuscan landscapes that you’re sure to encounter. Create perfect panoramic pictures and three dimensional images to ensure that your holiday continues long after you have flown home.

FoodSpotting –
As well as rustling up some delicious local delights in your villa’s kitchen; the chances are you are going to be eating out a bit whilst you are on holiday. And when you are in a foreign country it can sometimes be difficult to tell what a certain restaurant will have on the menu, so why not try this app that focuses on dishes instead? Browse the food you are in the mood for and see which restaurants in the vicinity are serving it. You can even use the social side of the app to browse other people’s photos to see what takes your fancy and then upload your own dish of the day just before you polish it off.

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