Three Delicious Places to Eat in Tuscany

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

If there is one reason people visit Tuscany only to come back time after time again, it’s the cuisine. Local residents take advantage of the local olive oil produced in the area to create simple, but delicious dishes. Fresh fruit and veggies, including asparagus, spinach and peas, are grown on local farmlands, and a variety of meats are raised by farmers as well. There are few better places to source your food for a meal.
It’s because of this that some of the world’s best chefs come to Tuscany to create signature dishes that will leave patrons wondering if there was divine intervention involved. Here are a few places you might want to try if you rent a Tuscan villa rental.

Located right in the center of town, Trattoria Mario is must for any person who comes to Florence and Tuscany. We’ll allow Emily Miller of the Food Lover’s Guide to Florence to say why you should come here: “My first meal in Florence was at Mario, giving me an unrealistically inflated view of what future meals had in store. ... “I don't want to hype this place out of all proportion, but when people ask me what is my favorite restaurant in Florence, I think of Mario’s. Then I get hungry.”  If you do come here, remember to come early. There are no reservations.”

Located in Arezzo, this restaurant has delicious courses, but people come here for the décor. The 50s style décor lends itself to sitting around for a few courses and couple glasses of wine. The menu is filled with local meats and pasta, and you’re sure to find a dish that will leave you salivating long after the meal is over.

If you come to the central coast of Tuscany, we recommend that you stop at La Pineta. The seafood is fresh, and it’s right on the beach. It has a Michelin star and for good reason: the calamari and sage risotto with black truffles is a favorite among patrons.

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