Girls' Getaway: Tuscany Escape

Friday, January 24, 2014

If you've already done the whole Napa Valley wine crawl in California with your girlfriends, it's time to take your next getaway to a whole new level. Get your girls together and book a trip to Tuscany, Italy to really get a taste of beautiful wines and breathtaking scenery. While this trip may not be something you can throw together at the last minute, it will certainly be worth planning and saving for. There are countless authentic wineries that will give your palette a treat. Stay in one of the many Tuscany villas for rent while you sample some of the best vintages on Earth.

If you're going to go to the trouble of heading to Italy, visiting the famous wine region of Chianti is a must. The gorgeous rolling landscape is dotted with villas, vineyards and olive trees, all of which are bathed in a hazy yellow light. This is a great area to jump in your car and drive around -- and if you happen upon a small local vineyard or an authentic Italian restaurant while you are at it, so much the better! Below are just a few of the many wineries that you should check out on your trip.

  • Renzo Marinai Winery – This winery is known for its catchphrase "a place where the wine dances." Enjoy reserved wines that have been perfectly aged in oak barrels while you listen to Mozart softly playing in the background.  
  • Colombaia Winery -- This is a smaller winery that is run by a fourth-generation family. They are known for their delicious, hearty organic wines. Your group will enjoy their choice of unique grapes and the homegrown feel of the winery. 
  • Verrazzano Castle & Winery -- The Verrazzano Castle sits beautifully atop a hill known as the first grape and wine producing area in the world. The castle dates back to 1150 and has been wonderfully preserved. Take some time to wander the castle before taking in the famous wines. 
  • Le Fonti Winery – This winery is a small boutique style establishment that specializes in Sangiovese vines, as well as Merlot. This winery pays close attention to the harvesting of their grapes so that they always produce a sophisticated taste. 
Be sure to look into one of the many Tuscany villas for rent so you and your group can rest comfortably after a day of wine tasting. You'll feel like a local, and you'll drink and eat like one too!

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