5 ‘Must Dos’ When In Tuscany

Thursday, January 30, 2014

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There are some things that you might like to do during your stay in Tuscany and there are others that you might want to avoid, but there are also a few things that you shouldn’t leave the region without trying. Tuscany is famous for many different things and this means that you are unlikely to experience them in the same way anywhere else in the world. So as you pack your bags and head off to this stunning part of the world; why not factor in a few of these ‘must dos’ into your holiday plans?

Taste The Local Tipple –
Many different wine varieties are grown and made within Tuscany but by far the most famous of these is that from the region of Chianti. This full bodied red wine is produced in the multiple vineyards that line the rolling Tuscan hills and it really would be a shame to not allow at least one of the local wines to pass your lips. Most of the vineyards freely open their doors for tourists to take a tour of their land and no tour is complete without a very comprehensive tasting session.

Immerse Yourself In Art –
Wherever you go in Tuscany there is sure to be the chance to gaze at some interesting architecture or spend the afternoon wondering through a beautiful museum, and so even those who show no interest in art should at least lend their eyes to some of the most ground breaking works. Michelangelo’s statue of David and Botticelli’s Birth Of Venus are just two of said works that can be found and Florence is thought to have the most concentrated collection of renaissance art in the world.

Sample Regional Delicacies And Delights –
There is no doubt that Italian cuisine is loved all over the world, but whilst holidaying in this area of Italy you can surely afford to more adventurous than simply ordering the spaghetti bolognese or a margarita pizza. There is so much to taste and try that you won’t struggle to find a local delight that really gets your taste buds tingling. If you are feeling particularly venturesome then you could either order something you have never heard of from a restaurant menu or purchase some local ingredients from a quaint market stall and cook up an Italian storm in the kitchen of your Tuscan villa.

Leave The Guide Book Behind –
Guide books are great when holidaying in a place that you have never been to before but there comes a point when you should leave it behind and take the unbeaten path for a change. The tourist hotspots should by no means be missed but why not spend at least one of your days away in a place that isn’t over run by people with cameras and pointing fingers. There are many great places that you are unlikely to find in the guide book but that you will be very grateful you found. For some ideas for hidden gems; check out this past blog post.

Find That Postcard Picture –
Wherever you go in this breath-taking region you will find yourself constantly reaching for your camera in an attempt to try and capture your holiday for future moments of nostalgia. With so many beautiful sights on offer though there will be many entrants for your very own ‘best snap of the holiday’ competition. Don’t be tempted to view your whole holiday through a lens though as Tuscany definitely looks just as good through the naked eye.

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