4 Breath-taking Tuscan Parks

Friday, January 3, 2014

Maremma Natural Park
Whilst a lot of people will flock to this region of Italy to take a peek at the famous sites and explore the cities that they have heard so much about; others will arrive with somewhat more relaxing thoughts in mind. So if you feel you have become too familiar with the grounds of your luxury Tuscan villa then there are plenty of places out in the wild which can provide the perfect backdrop to your holiday. Whether you visit these places for a romantic walk, a leisurely bike ride or just a quiet picnic in idyllic surroundings; it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that you visit them.
There a plenty of beauty spots and expansive parks within the borders of this historic region but here are four of our favourites that simply shouldn’t be missed.

Tuscan Archipelago National Park –
This unique national park covers a large area of land and also includes seven islands off the coast that lay in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Because of the varied landscapes inside this park there are plenty of different species of flora and fauna all of which can be discovered and explored in the visitor centre located at the gate way to the park.
Most of the seven islands can be visited but they do require at least an hour long boat ride and some, such as Gorgona and Pianosa, have restrictions due to the fact that they used to be prison islands. Anyone visiting this park after June the 29th 2013 will also be able to enjoy the newly restored Park House.

Maremma Natural Park –
This regional park can be found just south of the city of Grosseto and includes part of the stunning Tuscan coastline. This park has many walking routes and could be the perfect choice for anyone wanting to do a bit of hiking in the mountains of Uccellina. There are also legends of pirates surrounding the multiple towers in the park and visitors can explore the historic San Robano Abbey.

Val Di Cornia Parks –
Visitors to this area in the province of Livorno will be overcome by not just one park but no less than nine different areas that cover a vast expanse of land. These parks are still untouched by tourism and display natural beauty and history in abundance. The main focus of these parks is the archaeological history of the area which stretches right back to the Etruscans over a thousand years ago. There are multiple museums, indoors and out, as well as an information centre and plenty of space to explore. As the website says; ‘you will discover the charm of the Tuscana Minore’.

Mount Amiata Fauna Park –
Whilst the other parks on this list might focus on history, archaeology or the natural landscape; this park aims to protect some of the animals that roam the Tuscan land. Because of this, Mount Amiata Fauna Park may be the perfect place for a family day out as the children will love spotting the various species of animals that can be found and adults will enjoy a leisurely walk through the park’s grounds.
Some of the fauna native to this park include various types of deer, wolves, wild boar and even vultures; all spread out over two hundred hectares of land which is populated with little lodges from which you can view the wide range of wildlife.

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