Six Reasons Why You Should Choose To Stay In A Tuscan Villa When Holidaying In Tuscany

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Il Faggeto

Tuscany is the perfect setting for a summer trip. Whether you are travelling as a family, with friends or with your partner Tuscany has something to offer everyone. The region of Italy is on many people’s holiday hit list due to its beautiful scenery, warm weather and famous food. The perfect way to experience Tuscany is to stay in a traditional Tuscan villa, here’s why-
Peace And Quiet
Looking for a relaxing holiday? Get away from the hubbub of the city and stay in a traditional Tuscan villa in the country side. Benefit from deadly silent nights, clear skies, privacy and most importantly relaxation. Many villas in Tuscany are set apart from one another so it’s not often you will find one in a busy neighbourhood. A villa makes for the perfect get away.
Traditional Accommodation
When we go abroad all too often we want our home comforts and don’t make the most out of experiencing a different culture. Rather than staying in a modern city hotel why not opt for a private villa this year and experience Tuscany like it was supposed to be experienced.
Luxurious Swimming Pool
Tuscany can get very hot during the summer and the perfect way to cool down is with a dip in an outdoor pool right on your doorstep. To most of us having our very own swimming pool is luxurious and this is how holidays should feel, relaxing and luxurious. Just imagine being able to wake up on a sunny morning in Tuscany and start your day off with a gentle swim in the pool.
Beautiful Scenery
Tuscany is known for its stunning scenery. Rather than staying in the city and going out of your way to visit the beautiful sights why not surround yourself in the Tuscany countryside by choosing a hill side secluded villa. Villas range from being located in quaint Tuscan villages to the secluded countryside and hillsides.
Get To Know The Locals
The Tuscan locals are very welcoming to tourists taking them under their wing wanting to ensure you enjoy staying in their country. If you stay in a local Tuscan village the locals are often of a tight knit community and will welcome you like one of their own. Enjoy dining with them in local restaurants and don’t be shy to ask for advice on where to visit, what markets to go to and what to see.
Alfresco Dining
Something we often can’t experience in the UK due to the typically cold and temperamental weather is dining alfresco. In Italy eating outdoors is a regular occurrence with the locals sitting down to dinner in the warm evening outside. Most Tuscan villas are complete with peaceful gardens and patio areas so take advantage and dine alfresco whilst holidaying in Tuscany.

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