Key Dates For Your 2014 Tuscan Diary

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Villa Buonvisi
The chances are that many people will have decided where they are heading on holiday next year and for a large number of tourists, the destination is sure to be Tuscany. Some may have even already booked their luxury Tuscan Villa from our wide range of options. Other’s may be still weighing up their options or waiting to see what the best deals are offering, but either way this beautiful region of Italy will be the perfect choice for families and romantic couples alike.
So what can you expect from this delightful place if you are to visit in 2014? Here are just a few events that you should make a note of in your diaries for the coming twelve months.

January –
The biggest event in January, and one of the biggest during the whole year in Tuscany, is Epiphany. This occasion on January 6th marks the twelfth day of Christmas and the revelation that Jesus was indeed the son of God. It is cause for mass celebration across Italy as children wait for the ‘good witch’ Befana to visit their homes with sweets and other gifts. They also dress up as the aforementioned old woman from folklore and go door to door singing, like a sort of trick or treat.

March –
In 2014 Easter Sunday will be on April 20th and that means that one of the biggest events in Tuscany, Viareggio Carnevale, will be celebrated around March 4th. This annual tradition is a celebration of the forthcoming Lent and is the Italian version of Mari Gras. Giant, papier-mâché floats will travel along the streets of Viareggio, a town in the north-west of Tuscany, and will be watched by thousands of spectators. Don’t worry if you’re in Tuscany before this time though as Carnevale celebrations usually start a few weeks prior to the actual event.

April –
If there’s anywhere that knows how to do Easter properly then it has to be Tuscany. There are sure to be events and festivals going on all over the region during this time, but perhaps the best (and most exciting) of the bunch is the Florentine tradition of Scoppio Del Carro or explosion of the cart. Just the name should be enough to intrigue you into visiting the city on Easter Sunday (20th April 2014) to take a look and, if you do, you are guaranteed to not be disappointed. An 18th century cart full of fireworks is lit by a dove-shaped rocket released from the nearby cathedral; it really is an amazing spectacle.

June –
Throughout the summer there are a wide range of festivals in the various towns and cities of Tuscany known as Palio. During these events, the different districts of the town or city compete against each other in a race in order to earn the bragging rights for the next year. Pisa’s Palio takes place on the 17th of June in 2014 and is staged in honour of their patron Saint, Saint Ranieri. The race takes place on a two mile stretch of the river Arno, as teams from the four main districts compete in rowing boats.

September –
The biggest event of the year in the Town of Lucca happens on the 13th of September and is called Luminara di Santa Croce. During this festival, a wooden, holy figure is carried through the street on a crucifix. It travels from the Church Saint Frediano to the Cathedral of Saint Martin and its journey is lit up by thousands of candles along the way. The occasion is then rounded off with a concert from inside the cathedral and a breath-taking firework display on the bank of the river Serchio.

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