Your Guide To Tuscany On A Budget

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Capanna di Camporata - Gaiole in Chianti
Such is the situation across most of the western world at the moment; the chances are you will be looking to get away this year without breaking the bank. As the economy continues to stutter families are finding it harder to splash out on their summer holiday and are instead looking for something that will give them just as much stress-free fun and luxury but without the mammoth price tag. You shouldn’t let this stop you from contemplating a trip to Tuscany this year though as there are plenty of reasons why this region offers beauty and luxurious bliss on a budget.

So how do you go about ensuring your Tuscan adventure doesn’t cost un braccio e una gamba (that’s an arm and a leg to you and me)? Here are a few hints and tips.

Make It A Family Affair –

With our Tuscan villas that sleep between 4 and 8 people starting at just over £400 you can afford to say ‘the more the merrier’ in order to keep the cost down. By getting multiple family members and friends together you can split the cost to drastically reduce the price you each have to pay. For example some of our luxury villas that can sleep ten people are around £1000 for the week, which only works out at £100 pounds per person for a seven night stay in beautiful surroundings.

Book Your Favourite Attraction In Advance –

Many of the most popular sites in the towns and cities around Tuscany will allow you to book your tickets in advance and this could save you a lot of money in the process. By deciding which attractions you definitely want to visit and booking them before you come away you will find that in most cases you are offered considerable discounts.

Steer Clear Of The Tourist Prices –

Restaurant and shop owners in the busiest areas know that they can afford to charge higher prices because they have the footfall to warrant it. Many people will just accept the prices in these places and assume it is standard for the whole of the area, but this may not be the case. By buying your souvenirs, eating your lunch or doing a bit of shopping away from the bustling tourist areas you will be able to find a bargain much easier. You won’t be compromising on quality either as these establishments will be just as good as the mainstream ones but just without the price tags that holidaymakers usually don’t think twice about paying.

Sit Indoors –

You may feel like it is a crime to hide yourself away from the glorious Tuscan sunshine but if you really want to save money then this could be a worthy sacrifice. Restaurants and cafes know that people will want to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and therefore the cover charge will be more if you choose to sit on the balcony or terrace. Take a seat indoors and save yourself some cash while you cool off a bit.

Avoid The ‘It’s OK, I’m On Holiday’ Attitude –

Although you will obviously want to enjoy yourself while you are away; you can still do this and skip those needless purchases in the process. Do you really need that plastic replica of the leaning tower of Pisa or that key ring that just says ‘Tuscany’ on it? It’s so easy to have the attitude of ‘I’m on holiday; it doesn’t matter if I spend a little more’ but you may regret that when your Tuscan escape comes in over budget. Restrict yourself to things you definitely need and be mindful of how much you are spending. It’s a good idea to split your spending budget evenly over however many days you are away for and if you have anything left over from one day it can be rolled over into the next day’s budget.

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