5 Top Tips For Any Tuscan Holiday

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Image from Bartosz Mrozowski
As the weather finally seems to have taken a turn for the better it’s only natural that our thoughts turn to our plans for the summer. Top of a lot of peoples’ list will be jetting away somewhere beautiful to enjoy an extended break from all the stresses that are associated with everyday life and where better to do this than in the glorious Italian surroundings of Tuscany?

Tuscany is enjoyed by millions of tourists every year and is home to some of the most breath-taking scenery and architecture in the modern world. So how best to go about your holiday to this fantastic part of Europe? Well here are five great tips to get you started.

Rent A Luxury Villa (Obviously) –

When booking a holiday the second thing you naturally do, after deciding where you would like to go, is decide what sort of accommodation would suit you best. Usually the choice is between a hotel and a holiday villa and I think it will come as no surprise that we are advocating the latter.

Villas in Tuscany are situated in some of the most idyllic and picturesque surroundings that you will ever encounter and will serve as the perfect base camp for your Tuscan adventures. Enjoy your own slice of privacy as you relax in your luxury home from home with all your loved ones around you.

Take Advantage Of Car Hire –

There are lots of different ways of getting around the region but without doubt the simplest of most efficient of these is by hiring a car. Having a vehicle at your disposal will mean that you don’t have to rely on public transport or your knowledge of the local language or customs.

By having access to your own car you can dictate what your holiday will involve and the only time constraints that you’ll have to adhere to are your own. Be wary about choosing an airport pick up though as you can usually find a much better deal at town or city locations.

Plan Ahead –

The best way to get the most out of your break and to cram as much into your time away as possible is to plan as much as you can in advance. Obviously it’s nice to go where the wind takes you some of the time and decide to do something on a whim but if there is anything that you know you definitely want to see or do then it’s a good idea to arrange it beforehand.

You may need to book tickets prior to the event or you may want to look at opening times so that you can visit at a time that is going to be less busy, but either way planning ahead is sure to enhance your holiday.

Get Off The Beaten Track –

Tuscany is famous for its headlining sights such the leaning tower of Pisa and the beautiful streets of Florence but to get a real taste of what life is like in this part of the world you will need to venture off the beaten track a bit.

There are so many hidden gems dotted around the region and they will be enjoyed all the more due to the fact that you won’t have to fight against waves of tourists to experience them. Hop on a train or bus, or if you have taken our advice of hiring a car then grab a local map and head to somewhere that takes your fancy. If you’re looking for places to start then check out our article on the shiniest hidden gems in Tuscany.

Immerse Yourself –

When travelling to any foreign country the best way to really enjoy yourself and get a feel for local life is to truly immerse yourself in the culture. If you’re too busy worrying about whether you should do something or whether it’s worth going to see that famous statue then you’re sure to miss out in some way.

Eat things you’ve never tried before, go to places you’ve never heard of and maybe even give the Italian language a go. No? Well two out of three ain’t bad I suppose.

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