What to Wear in Tuscany

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tuscany is an area well-known for fashion: it is the heart of Italian fashion, and that fame dates back to the Middle Ages. The fashion and textile industries are the pillars of Florentine economy, something they take pride in. While everyone in Tuscany dresses comfortably, they dress well.

As a visitor, having to narrow down your closet for your trip is always difficult, especially going to a place where the weather is notoriously unpredictable. You need a few basic outfits that can mix and match, transition from day to night, and be respectful for touring around. This is easier than you’d think!

For Him:
Men have things so easy when it comes to fashion. A few button downs, a few nice tees, a pair of jeans, a pair of nice pants, and two pairs of shoes. If it’s summer, he brings a pair of swim trunks. That’s it. The hardest part is making sure they’re to his taste. The colors and patterns should be his choice, but should be a similar scheme so he can mix and match it all.

Shorts are generally frowned upon for visiting places like basilicas, so a light pair of pants for the summer would be best. Whether they are chinos or denim, they should be appropriate, fit well, and look tasteful. Button downs can be any color or classy pattern, and they can be dressed down for summer (rolled sleeves) or layered for winter.

Accessory-wise, it depends on the season. Summer, not much is needed. In the winter, he can pack a nice coat, a scarf, and gloves. Depending on the amount of time he plans on spending in Italy, he can bring more or less.

For Her:
Women’s clothing is definitely more varied than men’s, and that can create some tension when packing. Dresses, or pants? Tank tops and sweaters, or long-sleeve shirts? Ultimately, it’s up to each woman to decide what she packs according to her sense of style, but there are some basics.

Dresses are very popular in Italy, so a sundress or two and a maxi dress should be perfect. She should bring a sweater or a pashmina to cover her shoulders when visiting churches and other more traditional places. Shorts and tank tops can be worn, especially in the high heat of summer. Pants or modest skirts are also good choices. Whatever she prefers, it should be tasteful and stylish.

For accessories, she can bring whatever jewelry she likes, along with a scarf and coat for cooler weather. Shoes should be comfortable, such as flat boots, cute sneakers, and sandals. Staying in a Tuscany villa for rent enables her to pack more and worry less about bringing too much.

Dressing for Tuscany isn’t as complicated as people may think. A few basics can guide you to packing the right clothes for the right season. 

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