Three Unique Destination Wedding Ideas

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Destination weddings are a gorgeous option for brides and grooms. To be married in the splendor of sunshine in a new location is the dream of many. Resort destinations have always been popular for weddings, but there are so many places to consider!

If you are looking for a place that can be unique to you, as a bride or groom, then look outside the resort square to other beautiful locations. Your personal style and preferences can lead you to a wedding that feels like a dream come true.

Paris, France
The City of Lights has so many places available to tie the knot; you can certainly find somewhere to suit your style! Get a view of the Eiffel Tower, walk in the grandeur of an old mansion, or be framed by the city streets. Paris offers elegance and intimacy. You can get married in a lovely hotel, outside in a garden, or see if a museum can host your affair! The timelessness of the city adds a grace, and you can wed in any season without worrying about rescheduling because of rain.

You can then turn the celebration into your honeymoon. Paris is perfect for newlyweds, what with the romance and endless landmarks to explore. Sample colorful macarons, sip wine, and discover sights both new and old.

Tuscany, Italy
Tuscany is picturesque and antique, with its undulating landscapes and ancient Roman ruins. Tuscan-themed weddings have become popular, and nothing can top having your ceremony in the sweeping hills. You can marry outdoors in view of the surrounding scenery, in a balcony to imitate Romeo and Juliet, or in a vineyard. The vintage feel of Tuscany is romantic and classic.

You can also stay in villas for rent in Tuscany for your honeymoon. With a quaint villa with pools and terraces to return to at night, you can explore Tuscany’s culture and food venues all day.

Shannon region, Ireland
Every bride can feel like a queen on her wedding day, and an Irish castle is the perfect place to complete the dream. With rugged cliffs and ancient woods, the fairytale atmosphere can carry you away. Rather than a beach, you can hold your ceremony in a land still cloaked in Irish mystery. The verdant landscape is soothing and charming.

Ireland offers many activities, as well, making for a perfect honeymoon. With sightseeing, boat trips, sea-life centers, and plenty more, you can enjoy the company of your new spouse in the Emerald Isle.

Don’t limit your destination wedding to a resort. Consider what you really love, and you can plan a ceremony that makes you happy. 

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