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Friday, August 30, 2013

Italy is considered a very romantic city, specifically the region of Tuscany. When it comes to weddings, nothing beats getting married in Tuscany. Choose from saying ‘I do’ on a beautiful Tuscan beach, in a thousand year old cathedral or in a rustic Italian castle, all with the back drop of the beautiful region of Tuscany. Choose Tuscany for your wedding to wow your guests and create memories you will remember for a life time.


There are lots of towns and cities in Tuscany to choose from. Whether you want a beach side wedding, a city do or a traditional service in one of the historical towns, Tuscany has it covered.

For a wedding in one of the thriving and bustling towns choose-

        Pisa- This is one of the oldest towns in Italy and is known for its leaning tower. Choose from gothic and roman churches and various other historical buildings.

        Sienna- This gothic town boasts some amazing historical buildings including the town hall and cathedral.

        Florence- Choose from the historical town hall, castles, villas and historical churches.

For a beach wedding choose-

        Cala Piccola, Monte Argentario- This unusual and usually private cove is perfect for a romantic and unique location to get married. The cove boasts aquamarine water and a small sheltered pebble beach.

        Marina di Alberese, Grosseto- This four mile beach has beautiful grey-white sand, is part of the Monti dell'Uccellina nature reserve and has amazing sunsets. This is a very quiet beach which is often empty, perfect for a private beach wedding.


For a truly rustic experience choose a Tuscan villa to stay in on your wedding night. A great idea is to turn your wedding into your honey moon too and choose to stay and explore Tuscany. You can hire villas in all shapes and sizes, so if you decide you want your wedding party to stay with you or close by this is always an option.

Tuscan villas vary from luxurious villas with swimming pools to rustic villas nestled in the Tuscan hill side. So whatever experience you hope to create you can’t go wrong in choosing a Tuscan Villa.


When in Tuscany take full advantage of the local cuisine and traditional dishes and choose to have the food at your wedding prepared by a local chef. Traditional Tuscan dishes include-

        Live Crostini- A great option for a starter, Crostini is a traditional Tuscan dish of liver pate on warm thin sliced bread.

        Pappardelle pasta- When in Tuscany nothing is more traditional than homemade pasta. Try Pappardelle which is traditional served with a wild boar sauce.

        Cantuicci- Tuscany isn’t huge on deserts but something the locals do enjoy is a biscotti style biscuit with a glass of Vinsanto, a sweet desert wine. Perfect after a slightly heavy meal of bread and pasta.

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