Five Foods To Try When Holidaying In Tuscany

Friday, August 9, 2013

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Italian food is one of the most popular cuisines worldwide and many tourists flock to Italy every year to sample rustic Italian dishes. Part of travelling and experiencing new cultures should always be to try the local dishes cooked by local chefs. Tuscany is home to some unique and famous local dishes that are a must try when visiting Tuscany. Holidays are about enjoyment, new experiences and over indulging. With this in mind here are five dishes to try when holidaying in Tuscany-

Minestra di Farro Lucchese
This soup is a signature dish from the Tuscan town of Lucca. You will find it in almost every restaurant and cafe in the town and even on some street stalls. The soup is made using Farro which is an ancient grain used for centuries in Tuscany. This is a great light dish to have for a rustic Italian lunch or as a starter.

Tartufo- Tuscan Truffles
Both black and white truffles are an extremely popular ingredient in Tuscany and Tuscan truffles are considered to be one of the finest examples of truffles in the world. Sample the black truffles between October and March and the white truffles between October and December. Truffles are a key ingredient in many well known Tuscan dishes; try something simple such as Tuscan bread dipped in Truffle oil or Tuscan pasta with truffle shavings.

Pasta al ragu di carne
This ragu dish is very different to the pasta ragu dishes we know. In Tuscany they use little and sometimes no tomato in their ragu. Traditional Tuscan ragu is made from simmered down veal and pork and various vegetables using including carrots and onions.

Bistecca alla fiorentina
This Tuscan steak is very well known and comes from the regions Chianina cattle.  It is well known for being tender and full of flavour. It is usually served simply, cooked with salt, olive oil and rosemary and grilled on a wood fire served rare with a salad.

Cantucci and Vin Santo
Cantucci is the Tuscan version of Biscotti. Here in the UK we often eat biscotti with coffee but in Tuscany it is traditionally served with Vin Santo which is often served as a house wine in many Tuscan restaurants. This is a great light choice for after a heavy meal as Vin Santo is a sweet wine which is great for drinking with Cantucci.

This are five favourite local traditional Tuscan dishes that are highly recommended to try, Tuscany is an ideal place to visit if you are looking for a relaxing holiday filled with good food and wine. You may even consider trying to make some of these dishes yourself from the comfort of your Tuscan villa.

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