A Tuscan Wedding Ceremony

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Italy is one of the first places to spring to mind when the word “wedding” pops up. The country is a gorgeous wonderland of scenery, food, and love. Vacationers can wander around quaint villages and modern museums, seeing art from long ago and taking pictures “holding up” the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The heartland of Tuscany is a perennial favorite for wedding ceremonies, for good reason. The verdant hill rolling for miles create a romantic backdrop for a rustic celebration. There are a few things that make a wedding feel Tuscan, whether you marry in the region itself, or just want to evoke the feeling of amore.

Wooden Décor
One of the simplest ways to recreate the charm of rural Italy is to use wooden pieces of furniture. Old wooden tables and chairs make everyone feel as though they are sitting down to a family dinner, and can help bring even strangers closer together. The familial feeling can be fostered with smaller free-standing table, or long tables that fit dozens of people. It feels just like Grandma’s old kitchen table. They are also easily decorated, going well with any theme and color scheme.

Simple Centerpieces
Another way to capture Tuscany is to fill your tables with simple and natural centerpieces. For example, a wrought iron candelabra surrounded by flowers allows people across the table to see each other and converse. You can also create small bundles of twigs and hang candles or ribbons on them, and sprinkle flower petals along the table. The centerpieces should feel organic, like nature couldn’t help but to lean over to see the celebration.

Peonies and Greeneries
Again, your décor should feel like it grew there, so clean flowers like peonies would be perfect. They come in a variety of colors, and can be worked into all different arrangements. A lot of green also helps the natural feel, so adding a lot of leaves, ivies, and other plants will add a lovely element. You can decorate plates with herbs, as well.

Lantern Light
Nothing says romance like candlelight. Stringing small hanging candles through the surrounding area of your wedding adds a soft component that inspires love, and the lights look so pretty dancing in tree branches and on strings. Lanterns on the tables are also a great way to set the mood. For something new, try setting up candles in an intricate swirling pattern on the lawn. It makes for a perfect photo opportunity!

The Right Food
A Tuscan wedding calls for Italian food, of course! Along with fresh pastas and delicious dishes for dinner, your cocktail hour can start the feast early and stay in theme. Wine is a staple, and you should have an excellent red and white on hand for everyone’s tastes. For cocktail dishes, you can start with French bread and seasoned oil for dipping, then move onto a platter of tomatoes, mozzarella, prosciutto, and olives.

The location of your wedding can also add to that sense of Tuscany. Any backdrop of trees, forests, or hills evokes that grandeur. You can also fly right to the source and host your wedding in Italy! Tuscan villa rentals are the perfect setting, and you can even start your honeymoon there! Guests can rent one if they so choose, and you can all enjoy Tuscany in the comfort of a classic villa.

Tuscany is one of the most perfect places for romance. Planning your wedding with  Tuscan theme is easier than you’d think, and you can use these tips to make your day beautiful and memorable. 

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