Three Family Friendly Attractions For Vacationers in Tuscany

Monday, July 1, 2013

When people think of family friendly vacation spots they think of places with amusement parks and other typical kid friendly attractions.  Tuscany isn't just a great vacation destination for appreciating Tuscan art and culture, it's also a great place for families to stay.  When you look at Tuscany villas for rent, look for ones that are large enough to accommodate your entire family because there are a lot of things for kids and their parents to see in this region of Italy.

If you have a child that loves dinosaurs and animals, a trip to the Prehistoric Park in Peccioli is a must.  The Prehistoric Park in Peccioli was founded after the park founders discovered some fossils on their land.  After discovering the fossils, the park founders decided to turn the area into an educational prehistoric wonder land.  The park has over 18 naturalistic models of dinosaurs along with models of cavemen and a volcano.  There's even a nice area for families to relax and eat after spending the day touring the park.  Your kids will love seeing the life-like models of the dinosaurs, and they'll be able to do something educational and fun on their vacation.

Pienza is famous for two things: their award winning Pecorino cheeses and its beautiful scenery.  Pienza is surrounded by vast meadows and farms, and when you're exploring the area you'll get a taste of what true country living is like in Tuscany.  When you're in Pienza take you kids to see one of the regions famous cheese factories.  Your kids will be able to see how one of the favorite foods is made, and they'll be able to learn a lot about local agriculture. 

Some people think that every zoo is the same, but that isn't the case in the Poppi Zoological Park.  Poppi doesn't spend their budget getting animals from exotic locales in their zoo; they focus on the plants and animals that are native to the region.  In today's modern world it can be easy to forget just how diverse regions are.  When your kids see the foxes, lynxes, birds of prey, and other animals that are native to Europe here, they'll start to develop a unique appreciation for nature.

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