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Friday, July 26, 2013

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When you are planning your Tuscan getaway Livorno may not be at the top of your list of places to stay or visit but hopefully after reading this you will realise that it is not something to be missed. It may not have the attractive and infamous name like other cities such as Florence and Siena but there is enough going on in this city that lies on the Tyrrhenian Sea to suit the kind of holiday you are looking to have. The beautiful seafront is perfect for relaxing on your romantic break but there is plenty to do if you are planning on being more active.

Livorno has experienced a lot of expansion over the years and was once regarded as the most important and busiest port in Italy. Although it doesn’t quite hit the economical heights that it used to these days, its beauty and history is still there for all to see. Due to the fact that it les in the middle of the Tuscan coastline, it is a great place to base yourself in one of the many Tuscan Villas and explore the surrounding area. But before you do that here are a few things to enjoy in Livorno.

Santuario di Montenero –

This sanctuary that was built as a shrine to Our Lady of Grace has been transformed over the years from a small oratory to the beautifully breath-taking basilica that it is today. Although it is situated in the town of Montenero which is just outside of Livorno; it will offer amazing views of the city and is certainly something that you won’t want to go home without doing.

Enjoy the views from the cable car that takes you up to the sanctuary, which incidentally is included in the bus fair to Montenero, and listen in amazement at the stories that accompany the beautiful works of art. The sanctuary is open daily from 7am-7pm with a 2 hour break at 12.30pm but can get very busy on a Sunday.

Acquario di Livorno –

Although not as culturally important; this aquarium is sure to be just as educational and definitely something the children will enjoy. Whilst visiting this attraction you will meet Cuba the green turtle, black tipped sharks and over 1,700 other different marine animals. There is a touch pool where you can really interact with some of the underwater creatures and the walls are jam packed with educational information.

This aquarium doesn’t just focus on all things aquatic though as you will learn about the cultural significance of the building and other parts of Livorno as you travel round. The aquarium is open all year round and is free for children under a metre in height.

Terrazza Mascagni –

This fresh air, seaside walk is perfect for any couple on a romantic getaway or for any family who prefer to stay active rather than sit and sunbathe. The chessboard like design along the seafront walkway paves the way to beautiful views and a has peaceful and relaxing atmosphere about it.

Spend the day walking along, checking out Livorno’s famous port and historic fortifications whilst enjoying a delicious gelato, or come down for the evening for some rustic Italian cooking in one of the many restaurants. You could even do both and make a real day of it.

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