Five Things You Didn’t Know About Tuscany

Friday, July 12, 2013

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Tuscany is a beautiful region of Italy situated on the west coast. Some of the famous cities that make up Tuscany include Florence, Pisa and Lucca and the region is home to many famous historical monuments and buildings. Tuscany is a popular destination amongst holiday makers from all around the world. We all know Tuscany is a beautiful place perfect for a relaxing get away, but what don’t we know about Tuscany?

The Italian Language Developed In Tuscany
The language of Italian spoken in Italy today first formed into what we know it as today in Tuscany. The Italian language originates from Latin, but it was in Florence that it developed into the Italian language that is still spoken today. During the 14th century famous poet, Dante Alighieri published his poetry using a blend of southern Italian languages including Sicilian with his native language of Florentine. His poetry was extremely popular and read all over the country and his dialect soon became the standard language spoken by almost all Italians.

Tuscany Is A Place That Set Trends
Cities in Tuscany have been setting trends since as far back as the 12th century. In 1339 Florence was the first ever city in Europe to have paved streets, not far after everywhere else followed in their footsteps. Tuscany is also very well known for setting trends when it comes to fashion, with label Gucci emerging from the region in 1921.

Famous Films Are Made In Tuscany
Many well known films have had scenes filmed in Tuscany including two very iconic films; ‘Twilight New Moon’ and ‘Gladiator’. Another well known film set primarily in Tuscany is ‘Under The Tuscan Sun’, in which an American divorce spontaneously decides to buy a house in Tuscany when on a tour of the region. This film shows just how beautiful Tuscan living can be, and I imagine provoked many others to do just the same.

Tuscany Is Made Up Mostly Of Hills And Mountains
Great for those after an adventurous break of hill walking and mountain climbing; two thirds of Tuscany is made up from hills and one fourth is made up of mountains. This makes for amazing scenery, beautiful views and many a mountain to climb. Choose a Tuscan Villa up in the mountains for the ultimate Tuscan experience.

One Of The Most Historical Places In The World
It has been recognised that Tuscany makes up 10% of the world heritage sites. These include- The historical centre in Florence, the historical centre in Siena, the Pisa square, the leaning tower of Pisa and much more.

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