The Six World Heritage Sites Of Tuscany

Thursday, June 20, 2013

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The Six World Heritage Sites Of Tuscany

All over the world, the most amazingly beautiful and picturesque places are defined as such by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (or UNESCO). The breath-taking region of Tuscany is home to no less than 6 of these recognised sites, all of which are well worth a visit if you are making the trip to Tuscany. There are many things to see and do in this area of Italy but none will be more delightful or culturally educational as these six and so you should make time in your busy holiday schedule to view at least a couple of them.

Using your villa in Tuscany as a base for you explorations, you can travel around by car, rail or bus; taking in some of these nationally recognised places as you go.

Siena –

Siena lies in the centre of Tuscany and because of this it is a great place to rent your luxury Tuscan villa so that you are in a great position to view the rest of the region. Just a glimpse of this medieval city will tell you why it was chosen by UNESCO but the fact that the historic buildings are a real work of art and are built in a way that shows clear creative genius was obviously a key factor.

Florence –

This is one of the most famous romantic cities in the world, let alone Italy, and attracts millions of tourists every year and you can see why. Chosen by UNESCO due to the fact that it’s historical architecture defines a clear point in history and that it is directly involved with events and artistic works that have outstanding significance; Florence is as beautiful as you would have heard it is.

San Gimignano –

This town is a lot smaller and less well known than some of the other Tuscan tourist attraction but definitely makes up for it with medieval splendour. Is again at the heart of Tuscany, can be easily reached from Siena and is highlighted by UNESCO because of its importance to the cultural traditions of civilisations in the past. There are plenty of quirky back streets for you to explore and a scale model of the city that lets you view it in all its glory.

Val d’Orcia –

Val d’Orcia is another example of the many hidden gems that Tuscany has to offer and due to its near proximity to Siena and San Gimignano, it makes a trio of UNESCO sites that could all be seen in one day. This small town is the most recently added site and is sure to offer the calm and tranquillity that everyone looks for in a holiday escape.

Pisa –

Pisa is obviously famous for its leaning tower and it is this iconic building, accompanied by the others in the Piazza del Duomo, which caught UNESCO’s attention in 1987 when Pisa was named as a world heritage site. These buildings display creative genius, demonstrate a significant point in human history and will definitely offer you a feast for the eyes.

Pienza –

Pienza is another small town that has made the list due to the artistic beauty of its buildings that were designed by Bernardo Rosellino in 1459. Other things to do here other than marvel at the architecture include a visit the Enoteca Di Ghino wine shop, begin your bike tour around Tuscany and see what the creative people at RI Crea RE have worked their magic on in their up-cycling shop.

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