The Ultimate Family Holiday In Tuscany

Friday, May 31, 2013

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Going on holiday together is a regular occurrence for most families but it’s not without its problems. What might seem like the perfect destination in the eyes of mum and dad could be the holiday from hell for the children and so it is important to find a location that suits everyone. Luckily enough, the beautiful Italian region of Tuscany fits the bill perfectly and is sure to keep everyone happy for however long you choose to grace it’s tranquil landscape.

By finding something to please everyone, not only will you enjoy a relaxing, argument free escape but you will also get to see a lot of what this amazing area has to offer. So while you’re planning what to pack and which of the many luxury Tuscan villaHYPERLINK ""s you want to stay in, why not choose a few of these and add them to your itinerary.

For Mum – Mums, more than anyone, love to relax on holiday (probably because they have to do most of the work at home) and so what better way to see the easy going side of Tuscany than taking a walk off the beaten track. The beautiful area of Garfagnana, just to the north of Lucca, offers scenic walks, breath-taking views and a moment of tourist-free serenity.

Another great way for mum to relax is to enjoy one of the many thermal baths that populate this region of Italy. Baths in Montepulciano, Lucca and San Filippo are just waiting for you to soak yourself in their natural, healing waters. I’m sure mum will also be keen to sample the many different wines from the Chianti region; purely for medicinal reason though of course.

For Dad – A lot of people say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and they could be right. To test this theory, why not try a dish that is world renowned for flavour and meatiness – the steak Florentine. If that all seems too laid back to get dad’s pulse racing then taking a trip to the race track in Mugello might be right up his street. Races are staged here regularly on Sundays and the atmosphere has to felt seen to be believed.

Another big sport in Italy is football so why not take dad to a match in Italies top league, Serie A. Fiorentina are perhaps the best team to hail from Tuscany but both Livorno and Siena will still allow you to experience football from a true Italian point of view. Also, dads, can you really go to the birth place of Ferrari without test-driving one?

For The Kids – Kids are arguably the hardest members of the family to please but here in Tuscany there really is an abundance of things to feed their imagination. There are water parks in Cecina and Follonica that will allow them to splash around to their heart’s content and then there’s a great adventure park in Cieloverde that will offer tree climbing and obstacle courses to help dry them off.

If the kids are getting a bit restless with all the sightseeing then why not make it fun for them by either taking a bicycle trek or a tour on horseback. I’m sure the odd gelato here and there will also go a long way to making their experience of Tuscany a memorable one.

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