Celebrate Tuscany: Monteriggioni Medievale

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our Tuscany villas for rent will soon be filled up with summer vacationers who are eager to explore Tuscany and experience everything the region has to offer.  Some people choose to spend their vacations sampling local cuisine, and others spend their time exploring local museums.  Tuscany has a lot of unique culture to offer its visitors, and the region's local festivals are one of the best ways for visitors to truly experience the Tuscan life style.

If you love your local Renaissance Fair and have a passion for all things Medieval, you have to visit Tuscany's
Monteriggioni commune located in the Siena region in July.  Each year the people of Monteriggioni come together to celebrate the Middle Ages by putting on a huge Medieval fair (use Google Chrome to view the link or use the translate feature in Firefox if you aren't familiar with Italian), and unlike many of the Medieval fairs you've attended in your home country, this one takes place on the grounds of an actual castle.  If you want a chance to see a glimpse of Italian court life, the commune's court festival takes place from July 5th-7th this year.  If you want to see the fair in the village, visit the commune during the weekend of July 12th-14th. 

The themes may be slightly different, but each festival gives attendants an in-depth look of life during the Middle Ages for the residents of Monteriggioni.  This will be the most authentic medieval fair you ever attend.  The castle grounds are decorated with period appropriate decorations and they're filled with dozens of actors who play period appropriate roles. 

When you come you'll see almost every medieval social class represented.  Lords and noble men and maidens walk the grounds along with commoners and entertainers like magicians, jugglers, and acrobats.  Local taverns and inns participate by making and serving guests dishes that were commonly eaten in the region centuries ago.  When you come to the Monteriggioni's medieval days even the money you spend will be authentic.  The people in charge of the festival implemented their own currency system that uses coins that are made to resemble coinage used in the past. 

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