The Ultimate Family Holiday In Tuscany

Friday, May 31, 2013

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Going on holiday together is a regular occurrence for most families but it’s not without its problems. What might seem like the perfect destination in the eyes of mum and dad could be the holiday from hell for the children and so it is important to find a location that suits everyone. Luckily enough, the beautiful Italian region of Tuscany fits the bill perfectly and is sure to keep everyone happy for however long you choose to grace it’s tranquil landscape.

By finding something to please everyone, not only will you enjoy a relaxing, argument free escape but you will also get to see a lot of what this amazing area has to offer. So while you’re planning what to pack and which of the many luxury Tuscan villaHYPERLINK ""s you want to stay in, why not choose a few of these and add them to your itinerary.

For Mum – Mums, more than anyone, love to relax on holiday (probably because they have to do most of the work at home) and so what better way to see the easy going side of Tuscany than taking a walk off the beaten track. The beautiful area of Garfagnana, just to the north of Lucca, offers scenic walks, breath-taking views and a moment of tourist-free serenity.

Another great way for mum to relax is to enjoy one of the many thermal baths that populate this region of Italy. Baths in Montepulciano, Lucca and San Filippo are just waiting for you to soak yourself in their natural, healing waters. I’m sure mum will also be keen to sample the many different wines from the Chianti region; purely for medicinal reason though of course.

For Dad – A lot of people say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and they could be right. To test this theory, why not try a dish that is world renowned for flavour and meatiness – the steak Florentine. If that all seems too laid back to get dad’s pulse racing then taking a trip to the race track in Mugello might be right up his street. Races are staged here regularly on Sundays and the atmosphere has to felt seen to be believed.

Another big sport in Italy is football so why not take dad to a match in Italies top league, Serie A. Fiorentina are perhaps the best team to hail from Tuscany but both Livorno and Siena will still allow you to experience football from a true Italian point of view. Also, dads, can you really go to the birth place of Ferrari without test-driving one?

For The Kids – Kids are arguably the hardest members of the family to please but here in Tuscany there really is an abundance of things to feed their imagination. There are water parks in Cecina and Follonica that will allow them to splash around to their heart’s content and then there’s a great adventure park in Cieloverde that will offer tree climbing and obstacle courses to help dry them off.

If the kids are getting a bit restless with all the sightseeing then why not make it fun for them by either taking a bicycle trek or a tour on horseback. I’m sure the odd gelato here and there will also go a long way to making their experience of Tuscany a memorable one.
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Have A Relaxing Break In Sunny Tuscany

Friday, May 24, 2013

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It seems for most of us our lives are becoming busier and busier every year. It is so important to take some time away from your daily life in order to relax and recharge. A great option for a relaxing holiday is Tuscany. With its beautiful beaches, stunning food and quaint towns it’s the perfect escape for a well deserved relaxing break.

Tuscan Beaches

The Tuscan coast boasts some beautiful and peaceful beaches perfect for relaxing days. Whether you are holidaying with family, friends or a partner, there is a beach to suit everyone.

        Spiaggia Lunga- This stunning beach is named ‘long beach’ and is located in Monte Argentario and is moments from the charming Porto Ercole port. It is a sandy beach that backs on to impressive cliffs. It’s a generally peaceful beach with amazing views.

        Mar Morto- This is a very quiet and unspoilt beach in Monte Argentario. This is a great option for those looking for a beach with lots of privacy. It’s great for sunbathing and relaxing as well as looking for sea life in rock pools. A great beach for adults and children.

        Vada Beach- This beach is in a small town close to Cecina. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tuscany due to its white sands and electric blue Mediterranean Sea. This beach does get busy during peak seasons, but it’s great for sunbathing and for kids who want to plan in the sand and sea.

Tuscan Spa’s And Hot Springs

A great way to relax is to visit one of Tuscany’s luxurious spas or hot springs-

        Petriolo- These hot springs are located twenty minutes out Siena. These beautiful hot springs are found beneath ruined walls from 404AD. The pools average temperature is 43 Celsius and the springs are free to use.

        Grotta Giusti Natural spa resort- This amazing spa benefits from a natural hot water underground lake found in a cave where visitors can relax in the warming water. The spa also offers up to a hundred different treatments, it’s a great relaxing day out.

Nothing is better for your relaxing holiday than renting a luxurious villa in the Tuscan country side. Choose from peaceful locations, beautiful views, swimming pools and comfortable and quiet rooms to really relax in. Some Tuscan villas also boast pretty gardens and grounds, so if you have a day where you don’t fancy leaving the villa you can relax in the garden and swim in the pool.
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Celebrate Tuscany: Monteriggioni Medievale

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our Tuscany villas for rent will soon be filled up with summer vacationers who are eager to explore Tuscany and experience everything the region has to offer.  Some people choose to spend their vacations sampling local cuisine, and others spend their time exploring local museums.  Tuscany has a lot of unique culture to offer its visitors, and the region's local festivals are one of the best ways for visitors to truly experience the Tuscan life style.

If you love your local Renaissance Fair and have a passion for all things Medieval, you have to visit Tuscany's
Monteriggioni commune located in the Siena region in July.  Each year the people of Monteriggioni come together to celebrate the Middle Ages by putting on a huge Medieval fair (use Google Chrome to view the link or use the translate feature in Firefox if you aren't familiar with Italian), and unlike many of the Medieval fairs you've attended in your home country, this one takes place on the grounds of an actual castle.  If you want a chance to see a glimpse of Italian court life, the commune's court festival takes place from July 5th-7th this year.  If you want to see the fair in the village, visit the commune during the weekend of July 12th-14th. 

The themes may be slightly different, but each festival gives attendants an in-depth look of life during the Middle Ages for the residents of Monteriggioni.  This will be the most authentic medieval fair you ever attend.  The castle grounds are decorated with period appropriate decorations and they're filled with dozens of actors who play period appropriate roles. 

When you come you'll see almost every medieval social class represented.  Lords and noble men and maidens walk the grounds along with commoners and entertainers like magicians, jugglers, and acrobats.  Local taverns and inns participate by making and serving guests dishes that were commonly eaten in the region centuries ago.  When you come to the Monteriggioni's medieval days even the money you spend will be authentic.  The people in charge of the festival implemented their own currency system that uses coins that are made to resemble coinage used in the past. 

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Tips For Staying Healthy on Vacation

Friday, May 10, 2013

Tips For Staying Healthy on Vacation
Is there anything worse than getting sick when you're on vacation?  There's never a convenient time for you to get sick, but being sick when you're supposed to be enjoying your time off is absolutely awful.  There are some sicknesses that are unavoidable, but there are some things you can do to better your chances of staying fit and healthy when you're enjoying your luxury villas in Tuscany.

Research the Environment
It isn't wise to go to a foreign country without being familiar with your surroundings, and if you want to stay healthy you should do a little research on what it's like where you're staying.  If you have allergies see if you're staying in an area that has high pollen counts.  If you tend to have joint problems that flare up when it's wet outside, check to see if there's rainy weather heading your way.  You should also search for local shops to see if there's a nearby pharmacy you could visit to get medical supplies in case of an emergency. 

Contact Your Doctor
Before you travel anywhere you should make sure that you're in good health, and that's especially true for people who will be going to another country.  Make an appointment to see your doctor before you leave so they can assure you that you're in good health.  Your doctor may recommend immunizations you could be behind on, or they may be able to tell you about the common health problems that occur where you're traveling.

Take Care of Yourself
The best way to stay healthy when you're traveling abroad is to live a healthy lifestyle before you go and to continue your good habits when you're on your trip.  If you aren't already taking a daily vitamin, start taking one now so that you can enjoy their nutritional benefits.  Try to get around 7-8 hours of sleep each night for about a week before you leave, and try your best to stick to them when you're away.
Extra Tips:
-If you're planning on bringing medication (prescribed or over the counter) make sure that it's in its original packaging.  Loose pills, even if they're in a medicine caddy, could cause trouble at the airport or at customs.
-If you're planning on doing a lot of walking tours look for some orthotic shoe inserts for your footwear.  Even the healthiest person can get a little worn out after walking all day, and the extra support could help prevent some typical aches and pains.

To Tuscany handpick their luxury villas in Tuscany so that a relaxing break can be had. Take a browse on our site to find your perfect holiday accommodation.

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Picturesque Pisa

Thursday, May 9, 2013

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Aside from Florence, Pisa is probably the most famous city in the region of Tuscany and its iconic leaning tower is something that attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists to this beautiful place every year. Situated to the west of the region, Pisa lies on the bank of the river Arno, close to the Tyrrhenian Sea and is served by most of the major airports in the UK and America.

This breath-taking city has lots more to offer than the tower that slants at precisely 3.97 degrees although this is definitely something that shouldn’t be missed during your visit. There is plenty for people of all ages and more than enough to keep you occupied regardless of whether your trip is just a long weekend or an even longer fortnight away. So after you have braved the crowds and witnessed the leaning tower’s beauty, where should you head next?

Piazza Dei Miracoli – Literally translated as the ‘square of miracles’ this attraction will definitely not disappoint. Although you may struggle to miss it if you have already been to the tower (because you will already be in the square) it is important to point out the rest of the architectural genius that is on display. Joining the tower are the Baptistery, the Duomo and the Camposanto which all makes for a feast for the eyes. Be sure to visit at night to see these magnificent buildings all lit up together.

The Arno Promenade – If you are looking for a lively place to spend an evening then the promenade that runs along the river Arno is a good place to start. By day it will be filled with tourists admiring the medieval craftsmanship that is on offer in the way of architecture but by night the streets will be taken over by people enjoying themselves in the many pubs and restaurants that populate the area. If you are in Pisa around the time of 16th of June, be sure to visit this area in the evening to experience it lit by candle light in honour of Saint Ranieri.

Palazzo Blu – This is definitely one for the art lovers but let’s face it, if you are going to this fantastic area of Italy that is enriched with culture and history, you cannot pass up the chance to see some of its art. This museum contains plenty of art that depicts the history of Pisa as well as some interesting temporary exhibitions that often change, and to top it all off; it’s free to get in.

Giardino Scotto – This public park is definitely the place to come if you want a momentary escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a great setting for a romantic wonder or a family picnic and there are even giant trampolines to keep the children amused. Admire the rustic beauty of the gardens or simply sit and relax while the rest of the world rushes by.

Corso Italia – If you are looking for a different way to while away the hours than looking at wonderful buildings or relaxing in ancient roman parks then this is the street to come to. This long, paved road is the biggest shopping area in Pisa and is the perfect place to spend those euros. There are shops to cater to everyone’s budget and plenty of cafes to rest in between the shops. And if all that shopping gets a bit too much then you can always retire to your luxury Tuscan Villa afterwards.
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