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Friday, March 29, 2013

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Tuscany is a beautiful region in Italy that meets nearly every holiday goers needs. Rich in history; Tuscany also boasts a thriving night life, stunning beaches and delicious cuisines. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach holiday, a holiday of sightseeing or a week of nights out in quirky bars, Tuscany has it all.

History- Tuscany is a place that is rich in History and is named after its pre-roman inhabitants the Etruscans. There are many sites to see in each town and village-

·         Pisa- Known for the leaning tower of Pisa, there is much more to see here than the tower alone! When in Pisa of course visit the tower, but also try Pisa’s medieval centre and its various parks.

·         Siena- Siena is a medieval town with some great examples of medieval architecture. Visit Siena’s bell tower and the Piazza Del Campo.

·         Lucca- Visit one of the few walled cities left in Tuscany. There are walking and cycling paths around the walls so you can see the city from all angles. There are also several towers in which you can climb to see a view of the city from above.

Nightlife- Whether you’re looking for quaint little pubs, trendy bars or lively night clubs, Tuscany has something to suit your mood every night of the week. Try-

·         Trip Per Tre- Borgo Ognissaanti, Florence. This quirky bar has a clientele of bikers and ‘punks,’ but don’t let this put you off! This bar is extremely friendly and always has a great atmosphere. It usually gets busy around 10pm and stays open till the early hours every night of the week. You’re sure to meet the owner here as it takes it upon himself to walk round the bar making sure all his customers are happy. You will feel very welcome here.

·         The Joshua Tree Pub- Via Della Scala, Florence. This unusual Irish/Italian bar is known for being friendly, cheap and overly generous on servings of beer and liquors. There is always an event on here, whether that be a DJ playing or a screening of a football game.

·         Beach Club- Clinquale.  This club is situated in Versillia on the sea front, hence the name the beach club. Opening in 2010, this club has been a huge success ever since amongst locals and holiday goers. It’s great for a big night out and to mingle with locals and other travellers.

Beaches-Tuscany boasts some beautiful beaches, whether you are looking for a busy buzzing beach, or a quiet secluded experience there are lots to choose from-

·         Versillia Beach- The beach in Versilla is very long stretching from Forte Dei Marmi in the north all the way to Viareggio in the south. There are quieter points of the beach and some busy points with restaurants, bars and umbrellas. It’s just a case of what you feel like; there is a part of the beach to suit everyone’s needs. The current in the water can be quite strong, so make sure you are aware of the safe areas to swim.

·         Pisa Beach- Unlike Versillia beaches the beaches in Pisa are narrow and back onto woodland. Pisa beaches are a good choice for families are they are quite secluded and the strong tide is barricaded by stone walls.

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