5 Must See Events On Your 2013 Tuscany Escape

Thursday, March 21, 2013

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5 Must See Events On Your 2013 Tuscany Escape

If you are already starting to plan your holiday to Tuscany in 2013 then you may want to arrange it so that it coincides with some of the exciting events that happen all over this region every year. As this area is so diverse and traditional, there is always so much to see and do and taking part in one of these yearly events could really make your holiday.

Using one of the many villas in Tuscany as your base, you can travel around the area by car, train or even bus, exploring all that this region has to offer as you go. If you truly want a unique taste of Tuscany then try experiencing one of these fantastic festivals…

What – Scoppio Del Carro (Explosion of the Cart)
When – Easter Sunday
Where – Florence

Tell Me More – This traditional event dates back to as early as 1102 and is steeped in history. When the crusaders conquered Jerusalem in 1099, a member of the Florentine family Pazzi was the first to raise a Christian banner above the city. As a reward, he was given three bits of stone from the Holy Sepulchre which were then used in Florence every Easter to light the fire that symbolises new life. People would then come from all areas of the city to relight their hearths from this fire.

Nowadays, to symbolise this, a large decorative cart is pulled by white oxen through the city to the cathedral square. The festival then commences and culminates in the cart being lit from a dove shaped rocket which travels down a piece of wire from the cathedral. Fireworks explode into life, bringing amazing colour and noise to the air.

What – Giostra dell’Archidado (Crossbow Competition)
When – Usually Whitsunday but for 2013 Sunday 2nd June
Where – Cortona

Tell Me More – Hundreds of competitors and countless more people on horseback parade through the streets of this historic town dressed in medieval attire. The competition is to commemorate the wedding of the Lord of Cortona and a noblewoman by the name of Antonia Salimbeni which happened in 1397. The archers taking part in this amazing spectacle come from Cortona’s five quarters and compete for the golden arrow.

What – Palio
When – 2nd July and 16th August
Where – Siena

Tell Me More – This is arguably the most famous event in the Tuscan calendar and is one that really should not be missed if you are in the area at the time. Daring riders from the town’s different neighbourhoods race bareback on their horses around a sand track in the middle of the Piazza del Campo in order to compete for the Palio; or banner in English. Large feasts of traditional Tuscan delicacies are then laid out afterwards and the streets are awash with a party atmosphere. Tickets for the seating areas can be expensive but it is free to watch from the floor of the Piazza.

What – Volterra A.D 1398
When – The last week of August
Where – Volterra, Pisa

Tell Me More – This is one of the biggest and best medieval festivals in the whole of Italy and it really is a week-long celebration of the country’s history. Food, games and costumes are all used to get people into the medieval spirit; they even use medieval money.

What – Chianti Classico Wine Festival
When – The second week in September
Where – Greve in Chianti

Tell Me More – This is definitely one for all the wine lovers but anyone can enjoy this wonderful celebration of one of Tuscany’s post popular exports. There is a plethora of different wines to try and all you need to do is buy a glass and then fill it up as much and as many times as you like. You may want to cancel any plans you have for the next day as well though.

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