Celebrate Tuscany: Famous Tuscan Festivals

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

If you want to visit a region of Italy that knows how to celebrate and having a good time, you need to book a few Tuscan villa rentals for you and your friends. Tuscany is known for its architecture, cuisine, and fine culture, but the region should also be known for its fun festivals. There are a variety of annual festivals in Tuscany, some last a day and others can last for weeks. When you plan your next Tuscany get away, try to schedule it when some of these unique festivals are going on.

Carnevale, Viareggo 

Who said that Brazil and the US get to have all of the Mardi Gras fun? In Italy Mardi Gras is called "Carnevale", and the infamous festival before Lent actually began in Italy centuries ago. The most famous celebrations are in two cities, Venice and Viareggio. Viareggio held its first Carnevale celebration in 1873 and since its start it has become one of the most famous pre-Lent celebrations in the world. Large paper-mache floats travel along the viali a mare, the sea promenades of the city. The floats can satirize current politicians and celebrate fairy tale heroes. Aside from the parade you can expect to see special menus in restaurants, masked balls held in local clubs, and lots of musicals and plays. The timing of the festival changes every year, but this year parades will be held on February 3rd, 10th, 12th, and 17th.

Frittela Festival, Montefioralle 

Most people know about Montefioralle because it's one of the few towns that is still enclosed within its original medieval walls, but there aren't too many people that are aware of its popular Frittella Festival that takes place to honor St. Joseph. The Frittella Festival has its roots in the Renaissance Era. Many families living in the area would prepare traditional fried rice cakes named frittella to celebrate St. Joseph, but the festival as we know it today has very modern origins. In the 1960s local farmers came together to organize the first festival in the town's square. They built huge frying pots that contained 250 kilograms of oil in order to fry rice cakes. People loved the large frittella fry so much that they still use the large pots to fry the rice cakes for each festival, and they make sure to offer them to visitors. The festival takes place the Sunday before St. Joseph's day, and after you've had your fill of fried food you can enjoy the other sites and sounds of the town.

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