Motorcycle Holidays In Tuscany

Friday, September 28, 2012

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Motorcycle aficionados are known for a love of the road, and for sometimes growing impatient when stuck in the same place for extended periods of time. Fortunately, ‘bikers’ growing antsy inside their Tuscany villas can easily unwind by taking to one of the province’s many motorcycle-friendly routes and exploring the region from the seat of their trusty ‘road hogs’.

Much as with cycling, Tuscan roads are perfectly tailored for motorcycle tours, so much so that this year’s ‘Italian Legendary Tour’ contest will once again pass through the region in its global tour of Italy. The number of attractive routes available to those wishing to venture a little further from Tuscany villas and tourist spots is considerable, and all in all certain to please any motorsport buffs who choose to take a Tuscan holiday.

Regional highlights that can be visited by motorcycle include the Val d’Orcia (part of the legendary Mille Miglia race); the Tuscan coastal route from Forte dei Marmi to Porto Santo Stefano, which includes everything from natural parks to beachfront streets lined with nightclubs; the route crossing the Apuan Alps; the one winding through Elba Island; and the route focused around Siena and its outskirts. Any of these routes provides plenty of sights and enough variety to please even the most demanding motorcycle driver, and each is short enough to be made into a day-trip – meaning that, over the course of your holiday, and depending on how long you stay for, you may be able to explore them all!

Motorcycle tourism is just another in a series of alternatives presented by the province for tourists who want to stay away from the well-trodden sightseeing paths. So, why not get behind the handlebars and explore all the routes this beautiful region has to offer?
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The Via Francigena

Friday, September 21, 2012

Every year, the Northern Italian region of Tuscany attracts thousands of tourists, with varying concepts of what constitutes an interesting, satisfying or exciting holiday. Most are content to lead a typically touristy lifestyle, staying in Tuscany villas, seeing the sites and tasting the food and wine. For some, however, this lazy style of holidaymaking is not entirely satisfactory; and for those, a trek down the Via Francigena – the pilgrim’s way leading into Rome – may make for an interesting ‘alternative’ holiday.

The Via Francigena was founded by the earliest tribes inhabiting the province – back before anyone had ever thought of capitalising on the charms of Tuscany villas – but rose to prominence after the Archbishop of Canterbury used it as a pilgrimage route into Rome. Over time, this road – also used by regular peasants and merchants – began to be bordered by religious edifices and other landmarks, which make it well worth a visit today.

The best pace in which to travel the Via Francigena is obviously leisurely, so as to take in all the sights the route has to offer. The entire route breathes a very medieval atmosphere, with visitors following mule tracks and passing by unspoilt woods and fortified villages entirely devoid of Tuscany villas or any other signs of the region’s modern-day tourist trade. For that very reason, it represents a welcome escape for those not wishing to partake in this more “conventional” style of holidaymaking, as well as for those seeking to commune with nature and take in a few historical and cultural sites in the process.
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Winter Sports In Tuscany

Friday, September 14, 2012

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A warm climate, stunning vistas, good food and wine, and a wealth of historic and natural places of interest make Tuscany villas a highly sought-after property during the spring and summer months. The colder seasons, however, are never immediately associated with the Northern Italian province – but, as this post will show, there is no reason why they should not be.

In fact, Tuscany is just as vibrant and active during the wintery months as during spring and summer, only in a different way. Whereas during the warmer months the focus is on wine trails, walking tours, and quaint Tuscany villas, in the winter the action shifts to the nearby mountains, where a wealth of winter sports and activities is on offer.

Fans of winter sports who wish to travel to less crowded and ‘trendy’ slopes would do well to look into this Northern Italian province, as its vast array of mountains presents copious opportunities for skiing, snowboarding and bobsledding. The Abetone area, in particular, presents over 50 kilometres of welcoming slopes dotted with ski resorts, and boasting a 15 kilometre cross-country skiing track.

Outside of this region, Monte Amiata’s four skiing resorts - Lunigiana’s Zum Zeri, and Careggine, Passo delle Radici and Casone di Profecchia (in the Garfagnana mountains) - are probably the best spots for winter sports, the many resorts presenting something for everyone, from children and rookie skiers to more seasoned professionals!

In short, then, wintertime visitors to Tuscany should certainly not be discouraged. The scenery may not be quite as green, and some of the Tuscany villas may be unavailable for rental, but this Northern Italian region - beautiful at any time of the year, regardless of atmospheric conditions -  still offers plenty of places in which to engage in some winter sports fun!
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Tuscany Villas: The Perfect Setting for a Romantic Vacation

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Do you want your visit to beautiful Tuscany to be remarkable and romantic? If so, you should consider renting one of the excellent Tuscany villas available from To-Tuscany has offered extravagant and comfortable villas for our customers since 1998, and we have over 400 different holiday villas in both Tuscany and Umbria to choose from. Ranging from apartments, houses, town homes, castles and farmhouses, you should have no problem finding just the right romantic spot for your trip.
Each Tuscany villa rental offers different features, with many including pools, spas, exotic gardens, and incredible views. Finding your perfect Villa in Tuscany starts with an easy and relaxed selection process, where you'll get to browse through the wide choices and pick what property you'd like to spend time in for a romantic getaway or honeymoon. The booking calendar online is always up to date, and picking your selection is hassle free. Select the amount of people you're visiting with, how long you're staying for, and what part of the city you'd like to stay in. Each villa available is visited frequently by the To-Tuscany team to make sure the locations and homes are in top notch condition, giving you a stay that you will treasure forever.
Best of all, you can get help from many different personal team members at who are willing to help you pick out your perfect stay and will let you know how to book easily. With the secure booking process and affordable rates, you'll find that this service gives you everything you desire. The wide selection of villas comes at many different price ranges so you can book a villa without breaking your vacation budget.
What are you waiting for? Start planning your romantic Tuscan getaway today!
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Top 3 Tuscany Family Activities

Friday, September 7, 2012

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When it comes to family holidays, Tuscany is a prime location. With its wealth of history and culture, calm country towns, beautiful scenery, temperate climate, and quaint Tuscany villas, this Northern Italian region is a great place to take the children during school holidays. And parents planning a trip to more Mediterranean pastures will be glad to know that the province also offers numerous opportunities to engage in fun-filled family activities.

More culture-conscious parents, for instance, may want to show their offspring that Northern Italy is not all about posh Tuscany villas by visiting a medieval town. A famous fixture of the region, these towns not only look charming, with their ancient walls, tall towers and underground streets, but also provide an insight into how the local people lived in a time before Tuscany villas and the tourist trade.

From there, another natural stop is the leaning tower of Pisa, one of the most famous monuments of not only Tuscany, but Italy as a whole, and arguably even the world. Everyone has seen a snapshot of the precariously teetering edifice, so why not take your family on an actual tour of it? To complete your day trip, you can visit Pisa’s many other attractions, including the Square of Miracles, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Finally, for a more active and exciting day out, you can opt to take your family on a balloon ride. Looking down on the region’s beautiful countryside and sprawling vineyards, and seeing the myriad Tuscany villas reduced to mere specks below their feet will no doubt enthral children and grown-ups alike, making for an unforgettable experience.
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