Meet New Years Resolutions With A Trip To Tuscany

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Now that 2012 is underway, many will be looking to tackle their New Year's resolutions. But the way in which they achieve these annual goals can vary. While many feel that meeting 2012 goals should come from sacrifice and personal struggle to become a better person, travel experts know there is a far more fun way to meet many of your goals for the new year: simply rent a villa in Tuscany.

How can a Tuscany villa rental help you meet your goals this year? While an Italian vacation may seem like a relaxing getaway to escape your problems, the therapeutic effects of travel can help you meet some of the most common New Year's resolutions.

Stress Less: With work, kids and a hectic home life, many people forget to take time for themselves. And work is at the center of their stressful lives. According to a survey conducted annually by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 40% of workers reported their job was very or extremely stressful and 25% view their jobs as the number one stressor in their lives. Tuscany offers scenic views, fresh air, lovely weather and award-winning food. But the best part about Tuscany villa rentals is that they are far, far away from your workplace.

Learn How To Cook / Learn About Wine: As a region that gave birth to one of the most common cuisine styles in the world, Tuscany is home to world-renowned olive oil, wine and food varieties known nowhere else. It is impossible to travel here and not learn about the great food that gives Italy its well-earned culinary credentials. Take a cooking class and learn from the folks who have been harvesting brilliance for generations. Visit Tuscany's many wineries and learn how grapes become the wines you know and love. If you want to learn, it is best to go to the source.

Learn A New Language: Hail a cab, order lunch, find the bathroom and get home safe and sound. These basic skills will help you learn Italian as you travel the countryside in search of your next big adventure. From your Tuscany villa to the many sites across Italy, you will get an immersion education each day as you attempt to converse with local merchants and transit employees. The more you travel and the more you listen, the more you will pick up of this beautiful language.
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Tuscany Villa Rentals Provide Perfect Accommodations for Wedding Guests

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Tuscan countryside is the most stunning backdrop to any major event. So when it comes to planning your wedding in Italy, can you think of a more perfect setting for it? Couples and their wedding parties come from all over the world to tie the knot in this beautiful region of Italy. That is why To Tuscany offers gorgeous Tuscany villa rentals for parties of 10 or more, to provide the most excellent accommodations for all the members of a large wedding party.

Our listings of villa rentals for parties of 10 or more provide an excellent variety of locations and accommodation types, for the variety of wedding parties and their needs. Several of our properties feature pools for guests to enjoy in between the wedding festivities. We offer Tuscany villas located in the most attractive and historical towns in Tuscany, like Arezzo, San Gimignano and Pistoia.

Tuscany is famous throughout the world for a countryside that provides a multi-sensory experience. While staying in Tuscany villa rentals, wedding guests can delight in the visual beauty of lush green fields dotted with tall cypress trees, while breathing in the wonderful fragrance of fresh olive groves. The beauty of Tuscany will only further enhance the romance of your special day with the one you love.

Visit the To Tuscany website to learn more about our lovely Tuscany villa rentals for parties of 10 or more.
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The Palazzo dei Diavoli

If you’re planning a holiday at one of the many lovely villas in Tuscany, then it’s worth visiting the Palazzo dei Diavoli. “Palazzo dei Diavoli” or “The Devils’ Palace” owes its name to the mysteries that revolve around the building. The palace is located near Porta Camollia in Siena. It sits on one of the most beautiful and famous hills in the town, and if you’re staying at any of the villas in Tuscany, it shouldn’t be too far from your base.

The palace originally belonged to the Turchi, a Sienese family, as indicated by the inscription "Palatium Turcarum" at the top of main door. The plaque still remains there for its beauty and originality. The palace, which was built by several architects in different eras, is distinguished by its cylindrical tower and fine clay coating.

There are many myths and legends surrounding the origin of the palace’s bizarre name. Some argue that the word ‘Devils’ was a derogatory term to describe the Turchi as the people of unbelievers, an ironic take on the name of the land-owning family which means “Turks”. Others believe the name is a result of acts of black magic, orgies and satanic rituals that took place at the palace. Surely this must mean that the Devil’s presence has been felt here?

The last hypothesis, the most interesting, connects the building to the dramatic events that hit the city of Siena in 1526. Siena was an ally of Charles V and was involved in the war between the imperial forces and Pope Clement VII. The latter, allied with the Florentines, decided to launch a huge assault on the city of Siena. The Sienese who were in the minority, seemed doomed, but all was not lost. With incredible strength they were able to repel the attacks and defeat the enemy army.

The outcome of the battle was so extraordinary that many people thought that external interference, perhaps even the devil himself, must have played a role. Even Francesco Vettori, the ambassador of the Florentine Republic, wrote to Niccolo Machiavelli claiming supernatural intervention to justify the huge debacle. Had the Florentinian army seen the face of the Devil in their enemies’ eyes?

Even today, some people say that they feel a malignant force at work in the buildings during recent times. Don’t let this deter you from staying at nearby villas in Tuscany. Many inhabitants of the city say there is not much to worry about- at least in this case the devil seems to be rooting for Siena!
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