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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Do you want to know which restaurants in your area have the highest user ratings?  There's an app for that.  Are you curious about which hotels offer the best deals on week long stays, or which Tuscany villas are available for renting?  There's an app for that.  Do you want you want to find information than can help make your Tuscan vacation fantastic? There's an app for that.  In the age of smartphones anything is possible, and if you want to have the best Tuscany get away possible grab your charger and start downloading these helpful apps.


The Tuscany+ app really brings the term "augmented reality" to life.  If you snap a picture of an interesting museum, restaurant, or hotel Tuscany+ can give you information on the location.  Along with the specific location information it can also let you know about nearby attractions you may be interested in visiting. 

Tower of Pisa Inclinometer

If you're a math or science geek you'll love the Tower of Pisa Inclinometer app.  The app is designed to measure the angle or slope of anything you're looking at through the iPhone camera; and since Pisa is Italy's most famous angled tower the app can measure just how far the tower is actually leaning from your perspective.

Italia! Guide to Tuscany

The people of Italia! Magazine made this app, and its affiliation with the publication helps you find out information on some of the best restaurants in Tuscany.  You'll learn about what they think the best food is in the city, which wineries are top-notch, and it'll even give you information on some popular local recipes.

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