An Action-Packed Guide to an Active Tuscan Holiday

Friday, December 21, 2012

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An Action-Packed Guide to an Active Tuscan Holiday

When most people finally manage to get away on holiday they want to do nothing more than laze around by the pool, enjoy the sights and catch a few rays of sunshine. This makes Tuscany the perfect location with its plentiful scenic landscapes and picturesque towns and villages that are the personification of a relaxed existence. 

This however is not everybody’s idea of the perfect holiday and just because you’ve rented a beautiful Tuscan villa, it doesn’t mean you have to spend all of your vacation within its compounds. Tuscany is also brimming with plenty of activities to provide an all-action experience that you won’t forget in a hurry. All over this region you will find exciting opportunities to keep you busy but here are a few good places to start.

Horse riding – Throughout Tuscany there are plenty of chances to enjoy the fantastic scenery and enchanting medieval villages from a different perspective. Horse riding is available for people of all competencies from beginner to full blown equine expert and is a great way to see the sights, even if you have children. Some of the best trekking routes and experiences, offering a real Tuscan adventure, can be found in MonteroniHYPERLINK "" HYPERLINK ""d'Arbia, Sorano and Buonconvento.

Mugello Circuit Race Track – Motor racing has always been a big part of Italian sporting culture, even more so as Valentino Rossi has been at the forefront of this sport since 1996. For lovers of racing, or sport in general, there is no better place to watch an exciting race than at the stadium itself, live.

Head down to the Mugello circuit if there’s a race happening and enjoy the passionate atmosphere as the locals cheer on their favourites. It is situated to the north of Florence in the town of Scarperia and is well worth a visit. You are even allowed to walk the track after the race, should you want to get even closer to the action.
Cycling – Another good way of getting around Tuscany is on two wheels. There are an abundance of rural trails and tracks to follow as well as city centre stands from which you can hire your bike. It is perfect if you only have a few days as it offers the best way to see a lot of different areas in a short amount of time, whilst also keeping fit in the process. There is a great tour in Fiesole, just outside Florence, where an experienced guide will give you a wonderfully nature inspired view of Tuscany and detailed historical information regarding the local area.

Bravio delle BottiThis is an event that takes place in Montepulciano  on the last Sunday in August every year and is definitely worth checking out if you have booked your Tuscan villa for around this time. Hundreds of onlookers line the streets as teams of 2 people from each of the town’s Contrada (clans) race to push massive 80kg barrels up a hill to the Piazza Grande. The race is 1800 metres long and is done in honour of the patron saint John the Beheaded. This event will definitely show you a different side of Tuscany and really does have to be seen to be believed.

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