Visiting Livorno and Piombino

Thursday, November 8, 2012

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When you are looking to book a holiday to one of the most beautiful regions in Italy for a relaxed getaway, you need look no further than Tuscany. Villas in the Tuscan region of Livorno offer a great mix of waterfronts, rolling hills and stunning vistas. Though most people tend to flock to the busier and bigger cities of Florence, Lucca and Pisa, there are many other places that you should visit in Tuscany. Villas in the western part of the region will give you easy access to the port city of Livorno and Piombino.

Livorno was known as an “ideal town” during the Renaissance and its role as an important port city is recognisable from the large defensive walls and port. When you visit Livorno, you may wander into the area known as “Little Venice”, with its cobbled streets and bridged canals, and feel like you have left Tuscany. Villas nearby will remind you, however, that you don’t have nearly so far to go to return to your peaceful holiday abode. Many of the streets here still retain much of their original 16th and 17th century charm and the city is filled with interesting buildings to see, such as the Palazzo delle Colonna and the Church of Santa Caterina.

After spending a day in the relatively bustling city of Livorno, head over to Piombino, which sits on the mainland, directly across from the Isle of Elba. A trip to Piombino will take you into the heart of this town, which has been important since Etruscan times. Spend the day wandering the streets and exploring the Cathedral of Sant'Antimo, which was built in 1377, and the 13th century Cassero Pisano.

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