Investigating the Charms of Fiesole and Certaldo

Friday, November 23, 2012

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When you are considering a holiday that will allow you to travel to beautiful locations and explore cities that you might not otherwise see, then you can choose few better places than Tuscany. Villas in the areas surrounding the major Tuscan city of Florence offer the option to visit the charming cities of Fiesole and Certaldo.

Fiesole sits in the heart of the Florentine region of Tuscany. Villas nearby make the eight kilometre trip into Florence both accessible and far enough away to be in a different place all together. Likely founded in the ninth to eighth centuries B.C., Fiesole was a much fought-over location that eventually succumbed to Florentine rule. As you wander about, be sure to visit the ancient walls, Roman baths and amphitheatre, before seeking out the Romanesque style cathedral that was built in 1028 A.D.

If you head 35 kilometres outside of Florence into Tuscany, villas will become apparent as the more appreciated way of life on the road to Certaldo. Like many of the towns and cities in Tuscany, Certaldo has a medieval defensive wall that divides the heart of the ancient town from the modern city that has grown up around it, or, in the case of Certaldo, below it. The Lower Town (modern town) has one main square, Piazza Boccaccio. From here, you can take a cable car to the Upper Town (ancient town) and see Casa del Boccoccio, which is the house where the poet Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375) lived for seven years before his death. Further into the town you can’t miss the Palazzo Pretorio, first mentioned in 1164 and previously known as the Conti Alberti.

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