Holidaying in Tuscany: The Advantages of Having Your Own Villa

Friday, November 30, 2012

Holidaying in Tuscany: The Advantages of Having Your Own Villa

When planning a holiday in the beautiful Italian region of Tuscany, there may be more important considerations at the front of your mind than what type of accommodation you want to stay in. Do you travel to fabulous Florence or jet picturesque Pisa? Should you go for seven, ten or fourteen days? Is it wise to take the plunge and holiday during the expensive months or wait until later in the year? These are all valid deliberations but here are a few reasons why choosing to stay in a Tuscany villa can really enhance your holiday experience.

Your Own Space

One of the main problems of staying in a hotel is that, although there is often ample space for all your belongings and a comfortable place to sleep, it always feels like you are sharing the environment with the other holiday makers at the same hotel. Sometimes these can be the very same sort of people that you have come away to escape from. Using a villa as your Tuscan base allows you to have more space to yourself as the whole building will be yours and nobody else’s. Imagine that, no more sharing the pool, no more having to deal with queues in reception and definitely no more noisy neighbours.  Add in the extra convenience factor of not having to hike up to the thirteenth floor and it really will start to feel like more of a home and a nicer place for you and your loved ones to enjoy yourself. The only difference is that you will be in 30 degree heat and surrounded by a beautiful Tuscan landscape.

A Feeling of Togetherness

Like it or not, one of the main reasons we all go on holiday is to spend some valuable time with our nearest and dearest. Therefore it can be rather frustrating to go away with your extended family and friends and have to stay in separate rooms; especially when those rooms are all in different far flung corners of the hotel. Conversely, staying in a villa gives you a lot more freedom with larger groups without compromising on luxury or value for money. A lot of companies, such as To Tuscany, offer villas for twelve or more people and so can accommodate even the largest of parties. Organising trips out together and arranging times for dinner will be so much easier. With everyone in the same place, the kids can come and go as they please without the worry of them wondering out of sight. All of this means you will have more time to relax and enjoy your idyllic Tuscany retreat.

Location, Location, Location

We’ve all experienced the fear when booking a hotel. The fear that we will arrive and it will be nothing like the pictures, still being built and at the end of a dark winding dirt track. When it comes to booking a villa in Tuscany, most of this fear can be eradicated. Once a villa is built it rarely requires any drastic extensions or alterations in the way that a hotel would. Even if it did, that villa would simply not be offered to holiday makers as opposed to a hotel that may choose to offer half its rooms to customers and hope they won’t notice the massive cranes. Additionally, due to the size and nature of a villa they are often situated in a far more scenic part of the country, generally away from the hustle and bustle of a city centre but still in reach of the main sights. This means that you can experience more of a true taste of Tuscany without having to endure vast amounts of traffic noise or thousands of other holiday makers. So why not enhance your holiday by experiencing a piece of this delightful region from your very own Tuscan Villa.

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