Scenic Tuscany: Essential Sightseeing Activities

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When most people plan a vacation for Tuscany they plan on touring as many museums and eating as much food as possible, but there is more to the region than just art and food.  Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions in all of Italy.  Many people reserve Tuscany villa rentals in scenic areas so they can spend their vacation enjoying the beautiful views from their windows.  If you're visiting Tuscany any time soon you need to make sure that you spend time soaking in the beautiful weather and scenery.

Bike Tours

If you really want to see Tuscany's breathtaking landscape don't take a regular bus tour, sign up for one of the many bike tours offered in the region and get ready to be amazed.  Biking tours give tourists the unique opportunity to have a truly immersive sightseeing experience.  You can ride past the beautiful rolling hills in Val d'Orcia while feeling the Tuscan sunshine and wind on your face.  You can bike near the Tuscan Archipelago near the Tyrrhenian Sea and taste the salt in the air as you pass by.   The tour guides plan the most scenic routes possible and can take you to relatively unknown but beautiful places.  Some even plan for scheduled wine and oil tasting stops so you get to taste, see, smell, and feel all of Tuscany during your tour. 

Cinque Terre

There are many different kinds of walking tours in the region.  Some walking tours are more like spread out food and wine tasting events and others take you through the many different local museums.  If you take one walking tour during your vacation make sure it's one of the Cinque Terre walking tours, it'll make leaving your Tuscany villa rental worth it.  Cinque Terre is infamous craggy and rugged costal region of the Italian Riviera.  The surround five villages have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and you'll soak in far more scenery by walking around outside instead of viewing it from the window of a bus or van. 

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