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Thursday, October 4, 2012


Local and foreign visitors renting Tuscany villas around the Florence area in May will have the opportunity to attend a festival where master arts and craftsmen (and women) exhibit and teach their trade to all those interested.

The 2012 edition of Artigianato e Palazzo (the name of the festival in question) is its 18th, and will be taking place at the Corsini Gardens, a privately owned jewel in the heart of Florence. Offering great value for the modest entry price of eight euros, this event is sure to warrant a venture away from comfortable Tuscany villas for anyone who is interested in arts and crafts.

This year’s Artigianato e Palazzo celebrates the 400th anniversary of Famaceutica Officina Profumo di Santa Maria Novella, nowadays a well-known perfume company. As such, this year’s showcase will centre around this historic company, the director and co-owner of which will be present for a conference.

However, the main point of interest for most visitors will be the arts and crafts demonstrations, in which more than 80 artisans will demonstrate their skills, bringing the public closer to the secrets of their trades and possibly enabling the more adept to replicate the wares once they have returned to their Tuscany villas at the end of the weekend.

According to the organisers of this festival, the objective of Artigianato e Palazzo is to bring the public closer to the wealth of these ancient crafts. Some say that teaching these handicraft skills is more difficult than learning them, because much of the art cannot be explained in words but "stolen" with the eyes.” This theory from the organisers goes a way to revealing the philosophy behind the event.

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