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Friday, September 14, 2012

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A warm climate, stunning vistas, good food and wine, and a wealth of historic and natural places of interest make Tuscany villas a highly sought-after property during the spring and summer months. The colder seasons, however, are never immediately associated with the Northern Italian province – but, as this post will show, there is no reason why they should not be.

In fact, Tuscany is just as vibrant and active during the wintery months as during spring and summer, only in a different way. Whereas during the warmer months the focus is on wine trails, walking tours, and quaint Tuscany villas, in the winter the action shifts to the nearby mountains, where a wealth of winter sports and activities is on offer.

Fans of winter sports who wish to travel to less crowded and ‘trendy’ slopes would do well to look into this Northern Italian province, as its vast array of mountains presents copious opportunities for skiing, snowboarding and bobsledding. The Abetone area, in particular, presents over 50 kilometres of welcoming slopes dotted with ski resorts, and boasting a 15 kilometre cross-country skiing track.

Outside of this region, Monte Amiata’s four skiing resorts - Lunigiana’s Zum Zeri, and Careggine, Passo delle Radici and Casone di Profecchia (in the Garfagnana mountains) - are probably the best spots for winter sports, the many resorts presenting something for everyone, from children and rookie skiers to more seasoned professionals!

In short, then, wintertime visitors to Tuscany should certainly not be discouraged. The scenery may not be quite as green, and some of the Tuscany villas may be unavailable for rental, but this Northern Italian region - beautiful at any time of the year, regardless of atmospheric conditions -  still offers plenty of places in which to engage in some winter sports fun!

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