Top 3 Tuscany Family Activities

Friday, September 7, 2012

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When it comes to family holidays, Tuscany is a prime location. With its wealth of history and culture, calm country towns, beautiful scenery, temperate climate, and quaint Tuscany villas, this Northern Italian region is a great place to take the children during school holidays. And parents planning a trip to more Mediterranean pastures will be glad to know that the province also offers numerous opportunities to engage in fun-filled family activities.

More culture-conscious parents, for instance, may want to show their offspring that Northern Italy is not all about posh Tuscany villas by visiting a medieval town. A famous fixture of the region, these towns not only look charming, with their ancient walls, tall towers and underground streets, but also provide an insight into how the local people lived in a time before Tuscany villas and the tourist trade.

From there, another natural stop is the leaning tower of Pisa, one of the most famous monuments of not only Tuscany, but Italy as a whole, and arguably even the world. Everyone has seen a snapshot of the precariously teetering edifice, so why not take your family on an actual tour of it? To complete your day trip, you can visit Pisa’s many other attractions, including the Square of Miracles, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Finally, for a more active and exciting day out, you can opt to take your family on a balloon ride. Looking down on the region’s beautiful countryside and sprawling vineyards, and seeing the myriad Tuscany villas reduced to mere specks below their feet will no doubt enthral children and grown-ups alike, making for an unforgettable experience.

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