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Friday, August 17, 2012

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In 1967, the Beatles took listeners on a “Magical Mystery Tour”; forty-five years later, and a few countries further south, the Tuscany tourism office proposes a slightly differently named, but certainly no less interesting, tour. Designed to present tourists with the “darker”, more mysterious side of the region, the “Mystery Tuscany” tour will no doubt be yet another attracting factor for those thinking of renting Tuscany villas this spring and summer.

The declared objective of this tour is to take foreign visitors away from the predictable, beaten-path Florence-Siena-Pisa trail, and introduce them to those lesser-known areas which nevertheless present exciting glimpses into the region’s culture and history. Backed by a thorough package which includes a short film documentary and an iPhone app, this project feeds into the region’s desire to show that its touristic appeal stretches beyond Tuscany villas, quaint countryside vistas, and good wine.

The idea for this project originated from a 2010 semi-mockumentary about the secrets and legends of twelve places in Tuscany, including an abbey without a roof, supposedly “haunted” castles, and even the abbey of Montecristo. This was later backed up by a map-based iPhone app, as well as a website dedicated to updating interested parties on Tuscany’s most recent “mystery spots”. Now, the film comes to life, as visitors can now take a tour of the twelve locations featured in the documentary, and soak up the mysterious ambience for themselves!

This carefully put-together package focuses on the region’s early history, taking tourists from Etruscan ritual grounds to locations visited by local saint Galgano Guidotti, and even a couple of spots with alleged links to the legendary King Arthur, of Excalibur fame. All in all, it should provide more than enough reasons to make visitors to Northern Italy this spring and summer leave their Tuscany villas and head out into the darker, more mysterious corners of this idyllic holiday region!

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