Tuscany Is For (Flower) Lovers

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tuscany villas and Chianti may be the trademarks of Northern Italian tourism, but as anyone who has visited the region will attest, there is much more to this province than initially meets the eye. And while the beautiful, sprawling landscapes are also quite iconic, flower lovers will be delighted to know that Tuscany offers plenty of spots in which to engage in floral appreciation.

In fact, the region goes so far as to include flower-spotting itineraries, dubbed the “flower roads”. Located in areas generally devoid of Tuscany villas and other man-made interferences with nature, these roads attract flower-loving pilgrims from all over the world.

What’s more, these areas of floral excellence are not restricted to just one area of Tuscany: they can be found a bit all over the province, from the Apennine mountains to the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. As such, no matter where their Tuscany villas are located, interested visitors will always have a “flower road” close by.

Those interested in this type of tour would do well to visit the walled city of Lucca, within which dwells the Guinigui Tower, with its sky-high garden. From there, Siena and its botanical gardens constitute a logical stop, as does Maremma Park, a lovely spot in which to trek, bike, and witness a varied array of flora from several distinct ecosystems. The Pistoia Apennines, Elba and Capraia (in the Tuscan Archipelago) and any number of noble villas and mansions in the province are other interesting spots in which to find botanical gardens and fields replete with colourful flowers. Flower lovers renting Tuscany villas will find plenty of places in the province in which to engage in their hobby of choice!

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