The Tuscany Walking Festival

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tourists renting Tuscany villas in April and May will have a golden opportunity to discover the area’s natural marvels – with special emphasis on its stunning natural parks – by partaking in the 2012 Tuscan Coast & Islands Walking Festival.

This year’s edition, the fourth overall, has kicked off on the 6th of April, and will be ongoing until May 6. It will be divided into two main segments, both worth a venture outside one of the many Tuscany villas on offer.

The bulk of the event will centre around the myriad idyllic islands bordering Tuscany and Corsica. Boasting a fascinating geological history, plenty of hiking opportunities, and surrounded by a whale and dolphin sanctuary, this beautiful National Park will no doubt tickle the fancy of every nature aficionado. The virtues of the Tuscan Archipelago, and its remarkably personable islands, have long been extolled, and this event will give curious parties the opportunity of experiencing the area’s charms first-hand.

But while the islands are the month’s main attraction, they are far from the only natural marvel highlighted by this festival. In the week of 21st to 27th April, attentions will shift to Val di Cornia, a mainland valley closely linked to the Etruscan civilisation. Being the westernmost outpost of the territory occupied by this Italian tribe, Val di Cornia retains a rich geological, archaeological and cultural heritage, easily enough to entice history buffs out of their Tuscany villas to explore the five municipalities which make up this natural park.

So, if you are a nature, hiking, or history enthusiast visiting Tuscany this spring, and you want to get away from the throng of tourists hiring Tuscany villas at all times of the year, the 2012 Tuscan Walking Festival may well be the getaway you have been yearning for!

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