Tuscan Villa Rentals are a Wonderful Option for a Milestone Anniversary

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tuscany is a popular tourist destination in Italy, with beautiful countryside and famous cities to visit including Pisa, Florence and Cortona. The breath taking scenery, age-old traditions, stunning landscapes and fascinating history and culture make the place a true wonder to behold.

Many people celebrating milestone wedding anniversaries find that Tuscany is the perfect place to take a trip. Whether sought by adventure-seekers on their fifth anniversary or well-seasoned travel vets on their 30th, Tuscany offers something for everyone. Villa rentals can be found close to the tourist spots, vineyards, restaurants and other places of interest, so that travellers can have a private and restful stay with access to all of the most important sights in the region. 

To be able to find Tuscan villa rentals that meet your specifications, it is important to first determine the particular part of Tuscany that you would like to stay. If you know what particular attractions you would like to see, it will be easier to narrow down the villa rental choices: for instance, if you are more inclined to see vineyards, then the world-famous Chianti region will be your best choice; if cultural exploration is your thing, then finding a villa close to Florence or Sienna will be ideal; Lucca is another region in Tuscany known for its medieval attractions and if dining or meeting the local folks is your thing, then you need a villa that is close to a variety of restaurants.

The amenities are also an important part of your decision. If you love swimming in the pool or require a laundry room, then you should look for Tuscan villa rentals that provide those things. The more amenities provided, often the more costly the villa rental is, so if you are on a budget, you might consider villa rentals that provide more basic amenities.

Speaking of budgets, the price of villa rentals will be another important consideration but, fortunately, the villa rentals have a varying price range. The price is often based on the number of amenities included and the proximity to the well-known tourist destinations and, of course, the length of your stay.

You can do online searches for villas before heading to Tuscany, Italy, so that you can be sure to find the rental you need in terms of cost, amenities, and location. Travelling to Tuscany is a great way to celebrate milestones in life like wedding anniversaries. With the right choice of rental, your trip can be as memorable and enjoyable as the first one you took together as newlyweds.

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