Championship Cycling In Tuscany

Friday, June 8, 2012

In recent times, Tuscany seems to be trying to shed its mantle as a quiet, quaint, rustic region and update itself as a key spot for all sorts of activities. As if the busy concert and show schedule for the summer of 2012 was not proof enough of this, the region has also been selected to host the World Road Cycling Championships.

For a week in September of 2013, Tuscany villas are bound to be in even higher demand than usual, as champion cyclists flock to Southern Italy to whisk along the region’s scenic road itineraries. The 2013 World Road routes will also pass through Florence, Lucca, Pistoia and Montecatini Terme - four typically Tuscan cities, each with its own wealth of cultural landmarks, traditions and historic facts. This is the perfect opportunity to combine a typical tour of the region with attendance of a major sporting event. Fans of racing or cycling should not pass up on this chance of getting to know a new region while following the sport they love!

But the Championships themselves are not the only attraction surrounding the 2013 WRCC’s. Visitors to the region and those renting Tuscany villas will also have the chance to traverse large portions of the official itineraries, whether at their own, leisurely pace or emulating the professionals and trying to beat their own personal times! In either case, there are plenty of stunning natural features to be taken in and appreciated (or not, as the case may be!).

The 2013 World Road Cycling Championships seem, therefore, to serve as further proof that Tuscany is a region rife with potential, which can easily offer much more than good wine, sprawling scenery and traditionally-designed Tuscany villas. The southern Italian region is, little by little, shaping itself into a haven for all kinds of activities, and should undergo an interesting evolution in upcoming years.

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