The “Real” Tuscany

Friday, June 22, 2012

For many people, Northern Italy’s charms may come down to a warm climate, delicious food and drink, and quaint Tuscany villas. However, those who wish to go beyond the blatantly touristy side of the region will find that, unlike in other parts of the world, the influx in interest from the ‘outside world’ has not been enough to completely eradicate the more rustic aspects of Tuscany just yet.

In fact, in contrast with regions such as the Caribbean and Southern Spain, the charming Northern Italian province has not let the holidaymaking charm of Tuscany villas do away with its traditional lifestyle, and visitors to the region can still get a glimpse of how ‘real’ Tuscans live their everyday lives. Counties such as Chianti and Montalbano keep the artisan tradition very much alive, while typical dishes, prepared with local ingredients, can be found all over the province. Rural architecture, unspoilt landscapes (offering plenty of hiking opportunities) and quaint, undiscovered corners are also amongst the many charms of the “real” Tuscany.

Tourists staying in Tuscany villas will also be happy to know that they, too, can have a taste of the region’s traditional lifestyles and cuisine. Many entities throughout the area offer small booster courses on Tuscan cuisine, arts and crafts or traditional medicine. In addition, the region boasts over 200 “learning farms”, where foreigners can literally “get their hands dirty” as they experience first-hand what it is like to live in a Tuscan farm - from bread-making to basket weaving and traditional cooking methods.

In short, then, it is clear that Tuscany has not let tourism overtake its more traditional side, and foreigners visiting the region will still get a wonderful glimpse of how native Tuscans lead their everyday lives.
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Tuscan Villa Rentals are a Wonderful Option for a Milestone Anniversary

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tuscany is a popular tourist destination in Italy, with beautiful countryside and famous cities to visit including Pisa, Florence and Cortona. The breath taking scenery, age-old traditions, stunning landscapes and fascinating history and culture make the place a true wonder to behold.

Many people celebrating milestone wedding anniversaries find that Tuscany is the perfect place to take a trip. Whether sought by adventure-seekers on their fifth anniversary or well-seasoned travel vets on their 30th, Tuscany offers something for everyone. Villa rentals can be found close to the tourist spots, vineyards, restaurants and other places of interest, so that travellers can have a private and restful stay with access to all of the most important sights in the region. 

To be able to find Tuscan villa rentals that meet your specifications, it is important to first determine the particular part of Tuscany that you would like to stay. If you know what particular attractions you would like to see, it will be easier to narrow down the villa rental choices: for instance, if you are more inclined to see vineyards, then the world-famous Chianti region will be your best choice; if cultural exploration is your thing, then finding a villa close to Florence or Sienna will be ideal; Lucca is another region in Tuscany known for its medieval attractions and if dining or meeting the local folks is your thing, then you need a villa that is close to a variety of restaurants.

The amenities are also an important part of your decision. If you love swimming in the pool or require a laundry room, then you should look for Tuscan villa rentals that provide those things. The more amenities provided, often the more costly the villa rental is, so if you are on a budget, you might consider villa rentals that provide more basic amenities.

Speaking of budgets, the price of villa rentals will be another important consideration but, fortunately, the villa rentals have a varying price range. The price is often based on the number of amenities included and the proximity to the well-known tourist destinations and, of course, the length of your stay.

You can do online searches for villas before heading to Tuscany, Italy, so that you can be sure to find the rental you need in terms of cost, amenities, and location. Travelling to Tuscany is a great way to celebrate milestones in life like wedding anniversaries. With the right choice of rental, your trip can be as memorable and enjoyable as the first one you took together as newlyweds.
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The Tuscany Walking Festival

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tourists renting Tuscany villas in April and May will have a golden opportunity to discover the area’s natural marvels – with special emphasis on its stunning natural parks – by partaking in the 2012 Tuscan Coast & Islands Walking Festival.

This year’s edition, the fourth overall, has kicked off on the 6th of April, and will be ongoing until May 6. It will be divided into two main segments, both worth a venture outside one of the many Tuscany villas on offer.

The bulk of the event will centre around the myriad idyllic islands bordering Tuscany and Corsica. Boasting a fascinating geological history, plenty of hiking opportunities, and surrounded by a whale and dolphin sanctuary, this beautiful National Park will no doubt tickle the fancy of every nature aficionado. The virtues of the Tuscan Archipelago, and its remarkably personable islands, have long been extolled, and this event will give curious parties the opportunity of experiencing the area’s charms first-hand.

But while the islands are the month’s main attraction, they are far from the only natural marvel highlighted by this festival. In the week of 21st to 27th April, attentions will shift to Val di Cornia, a mainland valley closely linked to the Etruscan civilisation. Being the westernmost outpost of the territory occupied by this Italian tribe, Val di Cornia retains a rich geological, archaeological and cultural heritage, easily enough to entice history buffs out of their Tuscany villas to explore the five municipalities which make up this natural park.

So, if you are a nature, hiking, or history enthusiast visiting Tuscany this spring, and you want to get away from the throng of tourists hiring Tuscany villas at all times of the year, the 2012 Tuscan Walking Festival may well be the getaway you have been yearning for!
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Tuscany Villa Rentals for Honeymoon Bliss

Vacations can be good for both the body and the mind. While nothing is more important than the special day when you get married to the one you love, it can be an especially stressful and taxing time. There is so much to take care of when planning a wedding that it can seem extremely overwhelming when it actually happens. After the day is over and you can finally relax with the person that you just married, the relief can be amazing.

Luckily, after the wedding, there is a most important period of relaxation and vacation that is known as "the honeymoon." During the honeymoon, couples usually visit a beautiful place to enjoy each other's company. Europe is a very popular destination for most couples, as it features many attractions and beautiful vistas and there are few destinations as breath taking as Tuscany, Italy. With Tuscany villa rentals, honeymooners can get the most out of their visit in terms of both luxury and activities.

On honeymoons, couples have the complete freedom to do what they want. Whether they want to relax in a rental home, only stirring to take a dip in the pool and climb out onto the porch to relish the scenery, or to get out of the house and see the sights, there is nothing stopping the couple from enjoying themselves. Making sure that you have a nice place to stay is crucial to making the trip a complete success. A Tuscan villa will offer all of the amenities you need, right at your fingertips, plus easy access to some of the most beautiful countryside on earth. There are several high-profile destinations close by, as well, such as beaches, cities, and vineyards.

Europe has a great amount to offer in the way of lodging; just like other places across the globe, however, it is important to keep your eye on how much accommodations cost. One of the most beautiful and affordable places to go on honeymoon is a Tuscan villa. These beautiful and spacious buildings will help you and your new spouse relax and take in the atmosphere in luxury and privacy. Why stay in an overpriced honeymoon suite where you'll have to worry about other guests? Have an entire villa to yourself on the most important trip you will ever take in your life.

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Championship Cycling In Tuscany

Friday, June 8, 2012

In recent times, Tuscany seems to be trying to shed its mantle as a quiet, quaint, rustic region and update itself as a key spot for all sorts of activities. As if the busy concert and show schedule for the summer of 2012 was not proof enough of this, the region has also been selected to host the World Road Cycling Championships.

For a week in September of 2013, Tuscany villas are bound to be in even higher demand than usual, as champion cyclists flock to Southern Italy to whisk along the region’s scenic road itineraries. The 2013 World Road routes will also pass through Florence, Lucca, Pistoia and Montecatini Terme - four typically Tuscan cities, each with its own wealth of cultural landmarks, traditions and historic facts. This is the perfect opportunity to combine a typical tour of the region with attendance of a major sporting event. Fans of racing or cycling should not pass up on this chance of getting to know a new region while following the sport they love!

But the Championships themselves are not the only attraction surrounding the 2013 WRCC’s. Visitors to the region and those renting Tuscany villas will also have the chance to traverse large portions of the official itineraries, whether at their own, leisurely pace or emulating the professionals and trying to beat their own personal times! In either case, there are plenty of stunning natural features to be taken in and appreciated (or not, as the case may be!).

The 2013 World Road Cycling Championships seem, therefore, to serve as further proof that Tuscany is a region rife with potential, which can easily offer much more than good wine, sprawling scenery and traditionally-designed Tuscany villas. The southern Italian region is, little by little, shaping itself into a haven for all kinds of activities, and should undergo an interesting evolution in upcoming years.
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