Tuscany’s Rock’n’Roll Summer

Thursday, May 31, 2012

When you think of Tuscany, you certainly do not think rock’n’roll. After all, verdant landscapes, quaint towns and traditionally designed Tuscany villas are not exactly synonymous with loud guitars or a party atmosphere. However, that status quo seems poised to change, as Tuscany faces a summer rife with rock concerts and other large-scale musical events.

In fact, the normally quaint and peaceful southern Italian region has seen several concerts by renowned international artists booked for the summer months, promising what should be one of the most interesting peak seasons of recent years. Boasting shows by such luminaries as Madonna, Radiohead and “The Boss” himself, Bruce Springsteen, the region seems set to make sure the traditional and quaint Tuscany villas that constitute its main form of lodging have their foundations rocked beyond repair!

And while Springsteen, Madonna and Radiohead are the summer’s main attractions, fans of less bombastic music genres will also find their tastes catered to. Concerts by local rock queen Fiorella Manoia, folkstress Loreena McKenitt, Tiziano Ferro, Chris Cornell (frontman for Soundgarden and Audioslave) and legendary bluesman B. B. King ensure nobody is left without an excuse to attend a musical event in the region this summer. All in all, a diverse and extremely interesting menu, which will no doubt help boost the demand for Tuscany villas to even higher levels than those the region experiences at present!

Should you find yourself planning, or enjoying, a holiday in the quaint southern Italian region during the summer months, you should make sure to attend some of the many scheduled musical events happening during that period – it may help you discover an entirely different, rockier side of Tuscany!

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