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Monday, May 14, 2012

Tuscany’s stunning scenery, quaint towns, and traditional Tuscany villas have long captured the imagination of fiction writers, with the Southern Italian region serving as a backdrop for an increasing number of literary releases. The trend went so far as to generate a brief “craze” for the genre, after the movie adaptation of ‘Under a Tuscan Sun’ hit theatres a few years ago.

With all this literary wealth, it stands to reason that tourists renting Tuscany villas will want to take a book about the region along with them. Fortunately for them, the selection is vast, stretching from the classics to lesser-known works of fiction, and even the odd non-fiction book. Below are some suggestions for Summery Tuscan reading.

Starting with the big one itself, ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ has fuelled many a dream revolving around the restoration of run-down Tuscany villas. For that is exactly what the heroine does, with stunning results, in this modern-day romance. The book has been so successful that it has spawned a sequel, ‘Bella Tuscany’, and a slew of books with ‘Tuscan Sun’ in their title. Of these, the most interesting is probably the nonfiction ‘Burnt By the Tuscan Sun’, a ‘traveller’s guide’ to Italy from the perspective of a local, in this case blogger Francesca Maggi. ‘Too Much Tuscan Sun’ – a humorous book written by a local tour guide – is another good call, provided you are capable of laughing at your touristy self.

A Thousand Days In Tuscany - A Bittersweet Adventure’, the sequel to ‘A Thousand Days In Venice’; ‘A Small Place In  Italy’; or ‘Vanilla Beans and Brodo - Real Life in the Hills of Tuscany’ (a nonfiction about life in Montalcino written by a relocated Australian) are other interesting Tuscany-centric reads. Don’t forget to pack one or two in your bag before leaving!

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