Tuscan Wine Suggestions

Friday, May 4, 2012

Tuscany is as world-renowned for its wines as it is for its stunning scenery and quaint towns. But while casual tourists hiring Tuscany villas will not be familiar with many castes other than Chianti, wine connoisseurs know that the region has many other wines to offer.

Chianti, with its traditional image and outstanding reputation, does remain the quintessential Tuscan wine, as well as the stereotype many people adhere to when they think of “Italian wines”. But those wishing to stray away from this somewhat clich├ęd choice will find a wide variety of other wines on offer, all perfect to be enjoyed from the quaint front porches of traditional Tuscany villas.

The Perbruno, for example, is an interesting discovery for wine explorers. Perfectly representing Italian winemakers’ chaotic methods, this wine is born from a cross-pollination of different types of grapes, giving it an interesting, fruity taste, which owes more to new world wines than to traditional Tuscan and Italian vines. In addition, it is a pleasantly affordable bottle, which makes it a perfect choice for those just looking for good food wines to enjoy in the comfort of their Tuscany villas.

Brunello, produced in the region’s second most important ‘wine town’, Montalcino, is another good call. This wine is mandated by law to age at least four years, giving it the deep, rich taste wine lovers expect from their vintages. The downside is, of course, that this refinement makes the wine soar in price, meaning Brunello may not be for everyone’s wallets.

Still, if you are looking for alternatives to the standard Chianti, you may want to look into these two castes, which represent the ‘hidden’ side of Tuscan wine production!

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