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Friday, April 27, 2012

With their flair for quietly beautiful regions, it was highly unlikely that the rich of the modern world would leave the lavish Italian region of Tuscany untouched for long. Tuscany villas owned by noteworthy movers-and-shakers, or used for entertainment purposes, are far from a rarity these days. Recently, two of them caught the media and general public’s attention when they were put on sale.

The first of these was owned by former Paymaster General Geoffrey Robinson, and frequently visited by former British PM, Tony Blair. Bought in the early 1980s, this 19th-century villa is now being put on the market for a price of £5 million. Mr Robinson has restored and refurnished the property, making it even more attractive than when it was originally bought and a delight for any fans of high-end Tuscany villas.

The other noteworthy property put up for sale in recent times was the one featured in the movie adaptation of ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’. Tuscany villas are incredibly scenic, both in construction and in interior design, and it is therefore no surprise that they should be featured prominently in Hollywood productions set in Italy. The fact that, in this case, the story is actually set in the region was even more of an excuse to feature a beautiful, luxury villa, which has recently been put up for sale at a price of €9.5 million. The fully renovated 16th century villa, currently owned by a wine-making couple, includes 10 bedrooms and about as many toilets, fully justifying its seemingly steep price and making it a dream home for fans of the Tuscan sun!

As you can see, then, Tuscany villas are a hot commodity among the rich and famous – why not experience the luxury and comfort of one yourself?


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