The Enchanted Garden of Daniel Spoerri

Monday, April 2, 2012

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“But unlike a building, a garden never stops growing...”

With these words from his book "Brida", Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho uses a metaphor to describe two ways that we can think about our existence. The first he compares to the construction of a building; an undertaking which, sooner or later, is complete. The second he compares to caring for a garden; which, on the contrary, is an unrelenting commitment that lasts a lifetime.

If then a man, his garden, art and nature blend together; the combination will reach beyond life, to infinity. This is exactly what is happening in Seggiano, in one of the most charming Tuscany Villas, situated on the slopes of Mount Amiata.

In the mid-1990s, an extravagant Swiss-Romanian artist, Daniel Spoerri, went in search among the Tuscany villas for his perfect retreat.  He was one of the foremost pioneers of the New Realism movement and he was looking for the perfect place that could give life to his grand plan:
a park-museum of sculptures and artistic pieces.

He found his dream Tuscany Villa in Seggiano.  Immersed in sixteen acres of park land he restored and transformed the derelict buildings into his mansion-laboratory. Soon, Spoerri’s works of art started to appear all over the park. Then other artists were invited to join in and add their imaginative ideas to help with the project.

In amongst the mazes the enigmatic figures and unlikely sculptured sofas made of grass appear from nowhere. The most remarkable pieces is the one titled "No 13 Chambre de l'Hotel Carcassonne." This creation is made of bronze and reproduces every minute detail of the hotel room in Paris where Daniel Spoerri stayed for a long time before settling in Tuscany.

There are dozens of interesting artistic displays here and their unpredictable locations are often striking. The works remind you of camouflaged soldiers, stationed behind the bushes or on trees, waiting to launch and ambush the perusing visitors! Interwoven with the works of art there is  a developing botanical tour, a guided tour round the park land.

The garden can be visited from spring to autumn or during the winter months if you book in advance. This experience is unique and not to be missed!

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