Sorci Castle

Friday, March 30, 2012

Sorci Castle

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There is so much to see in Tuscany. Villas in the area are the perfect accommodation, giving you access to historical sites such as Sorci Castle. Sorci Castle is located near Anghiari, a medieval village northeast of Arezzo. Built in the thirteenth century, it is notorious for a strange mysterious presence that hovers within its walls. People have been experiencing ghostly hauntings and unexplained occurrences here since the Middle Ages. Many say that the most frequently seen phantom is the ghost of Baldaccio of Anghiari, who lived in the castle in the first half of the fifteenth century. He was a hugely respected and courageous leader, who achieved fame after fighting for his life for various different fronts and armies, including the Florentines, Milan and, later, the Marche and Umbria.

If the life of Baldaccio can be defined as glorious, unfortunately the same cannot be said of his tragic death. In 1441, after inviting him to the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Baldaccio Orlandini, the Gonfalonier of Justice in Florence, accused Baldaccio of treason. Baldaccio’s body was first pierced by the soldier’s sharp blades and then he was later ousted. After this ordeal he was transported to Piazza Signoria where he finally met his end at the hands of an executioner. It would seem that after the hideous torture that Baldaccio was put through, his soul is no longer able to find peace and his spirit spends its days wandering around the castle. Many people visiting from Tuscany villas testify to having seen the ghost of a decapitated warrior floating between the rooms of the castle, perhaps seeking revenge. Sometimes the presence of the restless spirit manifests itself in the sound of clanking armour or by the playing of a piano that reverberates around the castle.

Today the Castello di Sorci has been converted into farm houses and it is also home to one of the most famous restaurants in the area. To visit, it is necessary to make an appointment by calling the following number or you can visit the website: Tel 0575 789066

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