Curious Mazzoni Alley, Star of Twilight

Friday, March 16, 2012

Everyone’s heard of "Twilight", the successful literary saga by Stephenie Meyer? Best-selling vampire chronicle first and then a phenomenally popular blockbuster, the story tells the love story between a troubled teenage girl and Edward, a mysterious yet fascinating American vampire. So why is "Twilight" associated with Volterra you may ask? Well, there are a few reasons. In fact, some chapters of the second instalment of the series, entitled "New Moon" are set in the Tuscan town, making the trip a must for any Twilight fans staying in Tuscany. Villas with fantastic facilities are available throughout the area. A lot of the action takes place in "Vicolo Mazzoni" (Mazzoni alley), a tiny street located in the historic heart of the city. Stephenie Meyer chose her location well as this small street is indeed a little peculiar, harbouring a slightly disturbing atmosphere, and much beloved by pigeons in the city. Precisely in the way that Meyer imagined, there is a manhole that she described as being the point of entry to the lair of the vampires "Volturi", the stars of "New Moon." The place has become a site of worship for fans of The Twilight Saga books or films.

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