The Charm of a Tuscan Villa Rental

Friday, March 9, 2012

Tucked into the Northern Italian countryside is a magical and timeless place known as Tuscany. For most, the mere utterance of the word "Tuscany" conjures hot summer days, sun drenched vineyards, idyllic afternoons spent on the porch, sipping wine and sampling hard meats and cheeses, and waving lazily to neighbors as they pass by the drive. While many of us will never own a Tuscan villa, there are no shortage of rentals in the Italian region, letting anyone live the Italian dream if even for a short period of time.

A Tuscan villa rental should be looked at as a "home away from home". These villas are known for their charm, comfort, amenities, and spectacular location. In addition, the villas are often located near vineyards and cheese makers, letting the renter enjoy casual strolls where sampling and tasting can be done in the neighborhood.

Villas as simple as a studio cottage to multi-bedroom homes are available, letting potential visitors find the ideal villa for their Tuscan holiday. Most of the villas are styled in traditional Tuscan architecture, with lengthy shaded porches, sitting swings, open windows, and French doors. Bedding and linen is provided, making it effortless to simply show up and begin relaxing in this fabled land.

Once you settle in to your Tuscan villa rental, you can enjoy time in the villa and exploring Tuscany, which is considered the home of the Italian Renaissance. Explore on foot, with a hired car, or on bicycle. Visitors from North America are often surprised at the reverence given to bicycles on the roads and pathways of the country. If the visit is timed properly, between May and June, chances are good that a day can be spent watching the Giro D'Italia, a multi-stage rod bicycle race considered one of the world's premier cycling events. The event is held each year, and almost always has at least one stage through Tuscany.

What are you waiting for? Book a Tuscan villa today so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime.

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